Saturday, August 18, 2018

Why I picked lately on Netanyahu's niece(not my sport to pick on women, but she represented and represents the worst options in the world)...

While I can understand how life is tough and help from above needed, your real inside should stay your guide for life...

Don't sell yourself to those who are ensuring for you to stay dependent on them...take destiny(freedom) in your hands and trust your instincts.

Israel will never ever change historical facts with load of lies(what this case was foremost about)...I am a Christian just like Jesus Christ was and blessed be his word of eternity. 

@Netanyahu...just continue to corrupt and lie...hell is your guaranteed destination(for you and for those whom you have brainwashed to accept/copy your own criminal views). There is God as you see didn't and don't believe in one, but your satanic game was finished before you even started one. You fear Jesus Christ(decency) much more than what you fear of Adolf Hitler...understandable.

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