Saturday, July 21, 2018

Its over between me and Netanyahu's niece

Never was really much that went on anyways. Netanyahu is a pigeon that shits all over the chessboard. It was first that he shitted with his daughter Noa Netanyahu(he was involved against me from day A upon arrival to US) and it then turned into niece's issue. Both were used to deter females interested in me and to give(its what they have seen as - I never ever did) foreign governments the right to claim(LIE) how we have something going on. This news was expected, but not in a way I have announced one. 

Netanyahu always stood up on two banks(is a pig who flies sideways - whichever way wind blows) and played game with most convenient option. I don't blame him for having ability to do stuff like this, but spouse am looking for should have different values from described above.

Words written here are words which I never ever will state about my future spouse and its why don't even bother to come anywhere near here ever again.

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