Monday, April 23, 2018

Macron puts it in a very very nice way(have used word "interference" rather than "criminality" which case is with Putin) - Putin 'obsessed' with interference in Western democracies

There is no law and order in Russia...Russia became the state
owned by the criminal gang(real mafia) that went global...thats all there is to one and is a lot(a real problem for the world is what it is as even lives of US citizens were/are destroyed in US because of politic like this - I was subjected in the United States of America as US citizen to Guantanamo alike torture for no less than 10 years under George W. Bush and Clintons...people get killed left and right across the Western hemisphere on behalf of Kremlin and whole world knows it) !!! 

Russian criminal gang that consists of elitists(most often oligarchs) which rather serve mob boss/kingpin/Don Putan Putanowich than Russia is real...the worst part about it is that thanks to oligarchs from West, West is becoming indifferent in the eyes of the world...Macron warns and I salute his views(nice surprise)...not only is European democracy dying out in case there is any left out there, but with tolerance for Putin's criminal politic against EU citizens in heart of Europe(as is my case), one is equaling itself with the worst of the worst there is in this world...

Make no mistake, world is watching and learning(if it can be done here, it can be done anywhere on the globe and no one can blaim anyone for anything)...and there is no leadership(no future) in what Moscow represents today. Perhaps this is the very idea of drag European reputation(desire for equality) totally in the dust...there is nothing more expensive anyways that reputation(name) of I right Putan  Putanowich !!??? Turning world into same pig stall as is in Kremlin...disgrace for Russia and world...

Emmanuel Macron says Vladimir Putin 'obsessed' with interference in Western democracies

French President Emmanuel Macron has warned against showing any weakness towards Vladimir Putin while insisting he wants to work with the Russian President.

"He's strong and smart. But don't be naive. He's obsessed by interference in our democracies," Mr Macron told Fox News Sunday.

The remarks came as Ms Macron prepares for a three-day state visit to the United States, where Russia stands accused of meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

"I do believe that we should never be weak with President Putin. When you are weak, he uses it," Mr Macron said.

"And it's fine. That's a game, that he made a lot of fake news. He has a very strong propaganda, and he intervenes everywhere ... to fragilise our democracies. Because he thinks it's good for his country.

"I think he's a very strong man, he's a strong president. He wants a great Russia.

"He is extremely tough with minorities and his opponents, with an idea of democracy which is not mine."

"I respect him. I know him. I'm lucid. I want to work with him, knowing everything about that," said Mr Macron, who described himself as having a "permanent discussion" with Mr Putin, although they were "disaligned on a lot of things".

Relations with Russia will be one of the issues topping the agenda this week as Mr Macron is hosted by President Donald Trump.

Mr Trump's time in office has been clouded by suspicion that his campaign conspired with Russia to tilt the election in his favour, and by his own ambivalent attitude to Russia.

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