Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How Netanyahu brilliantly used his "brilliant" niece...

She was often times present and her uncle ensured that all other possible females were pushed away supposedly giving her advantage over others...other females probably gladly complied as I wasn't really any catch back then...and so death followed and followed...wherever I went, death followed and said nothing. After each trip to Slovenia, however, Netanyahu and his criminal partners ensured on how my brain would be totally wiped out after each MKULTRA operation. It became clear over time that his niece is nothing more than the political tool - deadly manipulator. A deceiver just like her uncle. 

She alone wasn't excited in the prospect of marrying me, so those brain deletions(ECTs for which Germans and French claimed that have exceeded world record in number) were extremely important part of MKULTRA procedures...the idea was to push all potential females away under total lie(lie on how she was promised to me), ruin my life to the last bit, and in case I would survive the worst ordeal in the world get her again in my life(revive the dirty ugly lie therefore). JEW HORROR !!!

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