Monday, February 5, 2018

FAKE French president(self appointed neonazi collaborator) will fight "fake" news and his German Mädchen(Jungfrau mademoiselle Angela Merkel) a "hate speech"....why now and not before !!?????? You already know why and how...

Poor and pathetic excuse of human being, Emanuel Macron, have stuck mentally in times of Philippe Pétain(neonazi's Vichy France) when/where idiot Pétain feasted at the same table with neonazis while his fellow men were slaughtered(not to mention
bombardment of Great Britain and Eastern Europe that went on 24/7 and to which he witnessed and done nothing about it - world on fire with Pétain laughing at the table together with German neonazis and their Italian fascist collaborators). I am not wasn't a problem or uncommon to shoot Frenchman in the ass just for fun during Philippe Pétain's problem, just fun fun fun...
Who cares what your past was in Verdun when you watched with smile on your face how your fellow country men are slaughtered !!!! Macron managed to drag France yet again in pre WWII colonial(slavery/ imperialism/ genocide) era and it is what will mark France for eternity(very expensive and suicidal move for France)....

THE PIGGY PIGGY POLITICIANS(small politicians with communist past and even WWII veterans who resisted neonazi death) DO NOT UNDERSTAND CONSEQUENCES OF WHAT IS WRITTEN HERE....THEY BELIEVE THAT IF WORSE COME TO WORSE, IT WILL BE NONE OF THEM WHO WILL BEGUN TO SCREAM FIRST AND THAT FIRST SCREAM WOULD WAKE OTHERS UP, BUT NAZI DEATH MACHINE DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT....BECAUSE WHEN "ONE" WILL BEGUN TO SCREAM(give you the legitimate reason for you to get involved), IT WON'T MAKE NO DIFFERENCE IF OTHERS WILL FOLLOW....IT WILL BE ALREADY ALL TOO LATE(they know this and it won't matter if you will all scream as one because it won't make any difference - you will all follow same steps of me straight into crematorium - in Russia, very same death machine will await you in case you would have some escape thoughts on your mind)...
TIME TO GET INVOLVED(silence them instead) IS NOW !!! WHEN IF NOT WHEN DAUGHTER OF ADOLF HITLER PLANS ON CENSORING FACEBOOK/TWITTER(already censored as am not allowed to post anything in there and nor am I allowed to post in Putan's VK.COM thanks to her neonazis which she is using now as a pretense to silence anti nazi movement - I wasn't censored anywhere even near to this in the past - why now !!????) VIA SO CALLED "HATE SPEECH"(keep in mind that under
"holocaust" clause, we Slavs will be killed because this is what ZIONAZISM is used for = I will be the one targeted and not neonazis...neonazis may disappear, but their nazi plan marches on behind presidential doors of Paris and Berlin) AND VICHY'S BABOON NEWS SITES VIA HIS "FAKE NEWS LAW" PRIOR TO WHICH HE WAS THE ONE WHO INITIATED FAKE NEWS SITES, SO HE COULD USE THEM TO SILENCE DEATH WALKING PEOPLE LIKE MYSELF !!!


Related to and already reported "Angela Merkel signals potential changes to online hate speech law"

Macron plans law to fight 'fake news' in 2018

PARIS (Reuters) - President Emmanuel Macron announced on Wednesday he would overhaul French media legislation this year to fight the spread of “fake news” on social media which he said was a threat to liberal democracies.
Macron has said he and his team were victims of fake news and a major data hack during his election campaign last year.

Since coming to office in May 2017, he has particularly pointed the finger at Russian media, accusing TV channel RT of sowing disinformation about him via its website and social media during the campaign.

“If we want to protect liberal democracies, we must have strong legislation,” Macron said in a New Year’s address to journalists, adding that the reform he envisaged would also change the role of France’s media watchdog CSA.

“At election time, on internet platforms, the rules applying to content won’t be exactly the same,” Macron said.
“There will be increased transparency requirements for internet platforms regarding sponsored content, with the aim of making public the identity of those who place the ads and also limiting the amount of them.”

A new emergency procedure in the event of fake news appearing would allow a judge to delete some content, close a user’s account, or block access to a website, he said.

Macron, who has cut back on the close relations his predecessor, Francois Hollande, had with the media, said the authorities must keep their distance with the press.

“The closeness which we had on occasions got used to was, I think, neither good for those in government nor for the journalists,” he said.

“It sometimes led to more importance being given to backroom chatter than to official comments,” he said, calling for a “healthy distance” to be maintained with the press.

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