Monday, January 29, 2018

American politics calls neonazi Navalany a "rival" to Putin - dirty Western AmeroGerman politic is becoming dirtier by the day !!!

Dirty nonazi Yale student Alexei Navalny who got special financing from John McCain personally is according to top American politicians(Trump/McCain/Bush/Clintons/Biden etc.) a legitimate option for Russian presidency....  
It is obvious who controls America and who deprived Americans of WWII victory against nazism/fascism(Americans have fought on shores of Normandy own enemy - the one that financed creation and war of neonazi Germany on world from USA - too bad they have forgotten about this enemy) !!! It is obvious what America(ELITES) represents in today's world and what have represented throughout the history.

Navalny should be charged with hate crime and well incarcerated as there is no place in Russia or anywhere in Eastern Europe for fascism/nazism...his(and of his supporters) real status should be determined within Russian society Poland alike...criminals of his caliber must be punished severely - Russia must send strong message to the world in respect to neonazism/fascism just as Poland have. 

27 million Russians perished because of Navalany alike filth and their masters in WWII alone...millions of Russians and pro Russian Ukrainians suffer today because of very same politics in Ukraine and newly established Baltic is WWII all over again !!!


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