Tuesday, December 5, 2017

It was in Israel that my mother did few blow-jobs for Jews and have agreed with them to abuse me for Israel

My father as described 6-of-6now-complete-6-of-6-mental.html acted bellow human being toward me and my mother(was tolerated despite this in Yugoslav in Slovenian society - a total disgrace since whole factory Krka in Novo mesto knew about who he was). And when abducted to Israel, Netanyahu arraigned for mom to be separated from father and me. He have done some terror on father and have treated mother like queen. I latter met Jew(Israelite) in Miami face to face who was used to seduce mother and have told me that she promised to ruin me for the sake of Israel...he also described other stuff that he have done to her...sounds pretty damn ugly(what a hero Netanyahu is huh) !!! ONE DISGUSTING MOTHER !!!

Its not that parasites cared about anyone here, its just that Netanyahu have presented himself to the world as such...thank you Slovenian president Borut Pahor and Slovenian police !!! None of this would have happen without you !!! World have not seen such disgrace yet !!!

And she was/is the one who called me a traitor and a "Rothschild" upon my return from USA to Slovenia...ugglier than ugly son-of a bitch !!! Watch video(3 hours long documentary dedicated to this whore) with audio recordings.

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