Thursday, October 12, 2017

ZIOFASCISM IS BRUTAL SAYS NEONAZI OUTLET DEUTSCHE WELLE: Humble(in my opinion totally incompetent) Iranian president Hassan Rouhani's visits Italy to get spit straight in the face by Italian Fascists(real time and via media), bows down on knees in front of them, and in return for being spit at throws them tens of billions of Dollars in contracts on the table...

German NEONAZI news outlet DEUTSCHE WELLE reports(INFLATES) Italian "outrage"(pure FASCIST bigotry) during Iranian president Hassan Rouhani's visit to Italy due to what were covered with cloth museum statues, but doesn't mention(I wonder why) anywhere THE Iranian money that Rouhani brought with him to Italy and Europe...

Total FASCIST/NAZI Matteo Renzi who spent several years in Miami(very same Florida state employment agency in Miami which I was compelled to visit for over 11 years in search of "employment" via famous AmeroGerman NEONAZI scial engineering = Auschwitz alike job search) with crew of other NEONAZIS from Europe and South Africa(this very agency became a world center for NAZISM = protected and financed by American CIA) simply lying about me to
foreign governments as well as to his own people(its how he and other Western NEONAZIS have met Eastern as well as other governments across the world = I was a necessary John McCain's evil/excuse for all criminality that they begun to form behind nations' backs), have now hosted(he set him up, have brought him in there like you would lure/bring goat into a slaughterhouse) Iranian president in the museum in which prior to his visitation, nude statues were covered with cloth...

From Hassan Rouhani's vi$$it to Italy, I presume that superior and cheaper to Boeing/Airbus, Russian and Chinese made planes(seekingalpha) , aren't good enough for Iran, and that EuroAmerican(AmeroGerman) ZIONAZI starvation politic toward Iran was a proper course of direction for one. 

End of Iranian isolation(when Rouhani awarded Italy
in 2016 with contracts worth over 18 billion Dollars is nothing else than a desperate AmeroGerman need for lost market(basic survival) as whole world is turning away from the AmeroGerman politics(economies)

I wouldn't mention any of this, but do you really take it as seen here when ZIONAZIS humiliate you and your country in front of the whole world !!???

What I personally would do in a case as seen here !!??? I would head to the toilet, and then excuse myself due to emergency...flight right back to Tehran or rather Moscow where would sign the contract for even greater amount of money !!! 

Why would you let them breathe !!???? They deprived your sick in Iran even of much-needed pharmaceutical drugs(thousands died as result)....they starved you to death, have terrorized gulf and have threatened you with war for the decade, have burned Iraq and much more...WHY !!?????? 

In reoccupied France where French people are beaten up TODAY in 2017 for speaking out against wild beast that burned Europe to the ground and have murdered over 60 million people, ZIONAZI Macron( a great friend of Renzo and straight connection with Rothschilds) is waiting on you...waiting for your golden Airbu$$ handshake(lesser quality - more expensive planes)...


Iran to buy over 100 planes after sanctions lifted

Iran to buy over 100 Airbus planes after lifting of sanctions, calls for international investment

Iran plans to buy 114 aircraft from European plane maker Airbus this week, senior Iranian officials say, as their country emerges from sanctions and international isolation.

The deal "will be signed between Iran Air and Airbus" when President Hassan Rouhani is in Paris on Wednesday as part of his first official European visit, according to Transport Minister Abba Akhoondi.

Tehran has long said it will need to revamp an ageing fleet, hit by a shortage of parts because of trade bans imposed by Washington and other Western powers.

Its planes fleet have suffered several fatal crashes in recent years

Mr Akhoondi told journalists Tehran was also interested in negotiating with US plane maker Boeing for aircraft.

"We have been negotiating for 10 months" for the purchase of planes but "there was no way to pay for them because of banking sanctions", Iranian state media quoted Mr Akhoundi as saying.

"We need 400 long and mid-range, and 100 short-range planes," he added.

The first batch of new planes will arrive in the country by March 19, he said.

Mahdi Hashemi, the chairman of the parliament's Development Commission, also urged international investors and airlines to move quickly into Iran after the lifting of sanctions.

"Come with your proposals. We would like to have new contracts and serve them immediately and make up for the losses that we suffered from in the past," Mr Hashemi said.

Iran emerged from years of economic isolation when world powers last week lifted crippling sanctions against the Islamic Republic in return for Tehran complying with a deal to curb its nuclear ambitions.

The deal also released billions of dollars worth of frozen Iranian assets and opened the door for global companies that have been barred from doing business in Iran.


Nude statue diplomacy angers Italian social media

Following the news that nude statues were covered in museum during a visit by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Italian social media users express their anger against a gesture seen as direspectful of their culture.

Italian social media users are expressing their anger at the news that nude statues were covered in a Roman museum during a visit by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, last Monday. The Iranian leader was invited by Matteo Renzi to Rome's Capitoline, after a day of negotiations between the two countries to revive their economic partnership following the lifting of sanctions on Iran. Press photographs of the visit revealed that some statues depicting naked men and women had been covered by wooden panels.

Museum officials told the Italian press it was Renzi's office - who has since declined to comment on the issue - who had asked for these measures, describing them as a gesture of respect for the Iranian delegation's religious sensitivities. The move was immediately criticized by a number of political leaders across the Italian spectrum, shortly followed by social media users, where the hashtag #statue ("statues" in Italian) was among the trending topics on Twitter.

Some, such as Giovannicappucino, worried that Italy's is too easily forced to make compromises with visitors: "How sad our country is, whoever comes in gives the orders, that is the truth."
MY COMMENT: Just look at the German neo-Nazi ramble how motivated they are at this stage to revive Hitlerism...the two comments of which one like was given were published by huge German Angela Merkel's news outlet(bizarre international news conglomerate). From DW is Germany's public international broadcaster. The service is available in 30 languages. DW's satellite television service consists of channels in English, German, Spanish, and Arabic. DW is a member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). And it's not nude art or culture that are sacred; its discraseful FASCISM that is again sacred in Italy !!! You can also see under this story how "human rights" which Deutsche Welle used to inflate in the past(when nations were still naive about it all) really meant nothing to one(the real German culture and mentality = DNA of murderous cannibalistic beasts/serial killers/ and pedophiles Fritzl alike)...

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