Wednesday, September 27, 2017

More details on German Austrian(Angela Merkel's favorite) neo nazi Arnold Schwarzenegger and others(Gerhard Lauck, Lisa Murkowski and SPLC) involved in my case...

If he wouldn't brainwash me with nazism issues, Arnold would spend time in Slovenia and Croatia at private residents(had a great time here and very possibly even much more) if not giving me lessons on Jews at our residence. Seems like Slovenian and Croatian authorities didn't really mind much about what was taking place - playing Russian roulette with international and all other human rights related laws and conventions was just okay to all of them(they got free cake too - free rides to US and many free goodies)...
Visit to learn more about famous neo nazi hater by the name Arnold Schwarzenegger....Arnold threatened me with abductions if I would ever come clean about what truly took place and so did Gerhard Rex Lauck(Don Black/David Duke/Craig Cobb were involved, but Gerhard and
Arnold had strong connections specially in Croatia that would yield abduction if necessary according to the two)....Gerhard Rex Lauck's profile appeared(two days ago) on my Facebook page just as promised it would under MKULTRA by Mark Potok of Southern Poverty Law Center - Facebook profile most likely doesn't belong to Lauck, but Lauck was a nasty piece of trash(same as David Duke or Don Black) involved in my case that made me want to write about him today....
Present at this very state agency in 1996/1997/1998 night and day - as if they sleeped in there and were allowed to do by the US Government as pleased... WHY IF US GOVERNMENT IS NOT A NEO NAZI GOVERNMENT(all done under Bill Clinton) !!????

John McCain had all nazis dispatched to Miami where they met me(Florida state employment office in Miami's downtown in Biscayne - as soon as I attempted to start with job search) and who have afterwards freely engaged in terror against me(no right to job/work, but instead compelled in Guantanamo life there)

Nazi scum abducted and burned my brains via electroshocks as pleased(have liquify them - have molested me at this state work agency for pure pleasure together with Mark potok, Morris Dee, and Heidi seemed as if the two groups competed with one another per who will inflict more sadistic physical harm to me via electroshocks - Gauck, Craig Cobb and few others as seen on photo above were completely inseparable lunatics...I would be taken out of conscious/electronarcosis via ECT while working on computer at this state agency repeatedly...yeah it may sound crazy, but they had small portable ECT machines/apparats equipped with electrodes which were used to take person out on heartbit....nazis performed ECT torture jokes on me first as I was considered according to them as subhuman and then SPLC got >>officially<< involved which on my surprise have also declined to assist me in my face when I repeatedly requested help from them !!! Funny that SPLC have engaged continuously with nazis in my case - have worked along with them and then one day decided that they no longer are the two and now things should just be seen differently.

I requested assistance from SPLC on several occasions despite their declining me help.  "YOU ARE NOT GONNA HELP ME" WERE MY WORDS TO MARK POTOK, MORRIS DEE, AND HEIDI BEIRICH  !!??? THE ANSWER TO ME WAS REPEATED "NO" !!! Meaning that the two worked very well simultaneously together with one another and have only used one another as a cover up.....sometimes in the end of 1997, Mark Potok finally requested from John McCain to have his nazi boys stop performing continuous ECT abuse on me and it did stopped partially, but not entirely.... 

Gerhard Gauck who supposedly served prison sentence in Germany was not in jail at all and have instead  traveled back and forth !!! GERHARD GAUCK EXPRESSED FEAR ABOUT MY DISCLOSING SUCH INFORMATION ONE DAY DUE TO THEIR CRIMINAL PRACTICE AND ELECTROSHOCK TORTURE THEN INTENSIFIED !!! NAZIS AND SPLC BECAME PARANOID - FBI FOR ABOUT THREE DAYS AND HAVE MANAGED TO DEVELOP IN ME BRAIN REFLEX REACTION - I EVENTUALLY PERFORMED MESSAGE IN THE FACE FBI MK ULTRA TRAINER ALMOST WITHOUT ABILITY TO PREVENT MYSELF FROM STATING ONE WHEN REQUESTED - I will not disclose here what kinds of RACIST message it was, but it was accomplished by simple method which involved ECT torture and compelling me to stand up for extensive periods of time - if I wouldn't repeat the message at his verbal command, he would cause me pain via ECT that was unbearable and so I did repeated his message for only God knows how many times - I estimate three days = MK ULTRA's trainer question to obtain my verbal response as desired was simple, "what did we said about black people" and I performed the answer on question...this is how simple it is to create reflex answer in an individual...upon his visit to the store in Miami, things didn't go right for him first time as I still did managed to somehow via struggle to stop myself from stating in his face this illegal words, but on his second request and anger, I did verbally performed as trained). This interactions were all video recorded and John McCain who created all this have had after a year or so openly turned against me by accusing(intimidate) me publicly of nazism(I became guilty of what he have created first via racism that involved blacks and other races and then what he even intensified via extreme torture).
A LIE !!! LAUCK WAS IN AND OUT OF THAT GERMAN PRISON AS PLEASED WHAT PROMPTS QUESTION WHO GOT HIM IN AND OUT !!! GAUCK OCCASIONALLY INTERACTED(DISTURBED WITH HIS PRESENCE) AT THIS STATE EMPLOYMENT CENTER FOR AT LEAST 4 YEARS -  AT LEAST TILL 2000 OR SO WHEN HE DISAPPEARED FOR GOOD. HIS VIEW ON ME WAS AS IF I WAS ANIMAL AND NOT HUMAN...FROM WIKIPEDIA: Lauck was arrested in Denmark in 1995, leading to a far right campaign in the USA against plans to extradite him to Germany, where he was wanted for distributing neo-Nazi propaganda.[7] Nevertheless, Lauck was deported to Hamburg where he was tried and found guilty of distributing neo-Nazi pamphlets. He was sentenced to four years imprisonment.[8] He was released on March 19, 1999 and deported back to the United States.[9]

Gerhard is a foremost attention seeking clown(watch if you have time), however, just like Arnold Schwarzenegger also a extremely dangerous terrorist with very dangerous connections in Croatia(as seen on video) that prompted me to write about one today(and since I was treated as a subhuman and as American German politics sees Russia and entire Eastern Europe as something that has to be exterminated, we will now take a different kind of approach toward views on issues with whites - you are foremost disgusting / cowardly / ugly / hateful scum/filth that incites in hatred normal good looking people and hides itself afterwards behind computers to speculate desired outcome)...

Lisa Murkowski is another extremely sick John McCain's individual who knew very very well what was it all about and who participated in MKULTRA torture itself and have even guts to get at least three times publicly in my face to accuse me of nazism(1997/1998 and last I estimate 1999) !!! Twice under MKULTRA training(public was involved and might have been more than just twice because John McCain wanted to increase in me extreme emotional pain by psychological abuse and have even suggested how I will be publicly accused of being nazi and that then something horrible will happen to me etc....they used all kinds of approvals and disapprovals to f*** with my sanity and have obviously anticipated my commiting suicide - I was accused of much more by US Government and have signed documents that would be used as my future admission into crimes with which I had nothing to do with etc.) and third time straight in the face in front of other people...when others(they just acted to excite me and she pretended as if interested for a moment to get reaction in me) and myself tried to calm her, she wouldn't even allow me to open my mouths regarding John McCain(she allowed me to start explaination and have stopped me after just few seconds) for 10 seconds, "no you have no right to explain anything - I will hold you responsible for nazism...I know everything and don't need your explaination" is what she stated in my face and swiftly walked away(therefore she went as far as performing severe psychological torture on me as accusing an individual to psychologically harm him and disallowing him to state anything after acting as if interested in knowing his answer is a very serious form of abuse - Lisa Murkowski already held very serious government position at that time - 1998/1998).

Lisa Murkowski(John McCain) presented herself to me as a supporter of Slavs in Miami and in case I would ever dare to say anything against her it would be Slavs in US which would suffer consequences(losing such a "great advocate" of Slavs like John McCain truly would be a disaster). MY CASE AT THIS POINT AGAINST NEO NAZIS WHICH WOULD POSITION ITSELF WITHIN TOP WESTERN GOVERNMENT POSITIONS WORLDWIDE WOULD ONLY INTENSIFY NEO NAZI GERMAN STRENGTH(MUTUAL COOPERATION) AS THEY WOULD HAVE MORE REASON TO BOUND WITH ONE ANOTHER ACCORDING TO ANGELA MERKEL(seems that Angela Merkel and John McCain are blackmailing involved parties in my case with me) !!! ACCORDING TO JOHN MCCAIN AND ANGELA MERKEL, MY CHANGE OF VIEWS ON POLITIC WOULD HAVE SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES ON PUTIN AND RUSSIA AS I AM THE ONE WHO HAVE TURNED AGAINST WHOLE WORLD(first against communists and Slavs and then against nazis) !!!


As continuous electroshocking(liquefaction) of my brain stopped(only ECT - not MKULTRAS which went on) in 1997, I have also stopped to openly "insult" blacks straight in the face at this very state agency. Blacks(many who were employed at this Florida state agency were mixed with Hispanics) who started it all also stopped and everything almost went to "normal"(its what it would look like if to a normal human being), but behind scenes situation against me was barbaric...from totally abnormal work schedules whenever allowed to work(even situations that involved assasination attempts) to open physical attacks(I was mostly called "Russian spy" by negroes and Hispanics which appear to hate Slovenian national origin was hated by no one more than Germans who on behalf of Angela Merkel just couldn't accept fact that I continued to identify with one - it was John McCain which continued to incite in hatred and have obviously demanded on my abandoning white nationalism as an option and instead become a neo nazi). No such thing as Equal Employment Opportunity office for me existed in USA(I complained to them about most severe racism on who knows how many occasions and was told by almost all employees there that am not allowed to come and complain there)...they alone were involved in MKULTRA(they brought future state employees from other US states to train them in Miami on how to discriminate against me if I would ever move from Miami to another US state) and have in Minnesota(as an example in 2009) declined to assist me and severely discriminated against me after assaulted at work(they had job corps relocate from Miami to Minneapolis to harass me again there - this is how far John McCain have gone with US Government).

John McCain and German government used and is using negroes via social engineering(forced joblessness) to outbreed Slavic people, so those wouldn't mix with "Aryans"(contaminate Aryan blood - purity). Negroes are just as deadly as nazis in America because system alone empowers them as explained here(this is how Obama became a president and why). I was stalked by negros 24/7 when in America(John McCain had swarms of black women or South American indians coming at me), so David Duke could talk about white genocide.

United states of America is a severely sick country that represents extremely serious threat to the rest of the world(it is extremely abnormal country where absolutely everything is radical - ugly, hateful, terror/terrorist country that everybody should be aware of).

Finally in 2007(end of 2007), I have come to terms that there is nothing left for me other than to become a neo nazi myself(no right to work and bullying same as the one prior to my departure to US continued since 2006 in Slovenia - I no longer felt as Slovenian). I begun career which I never ever would consider under any kinds of normal circumstances(John McCain finally cashed in and after making such decision, I declined to negotiate with anybody - including Russian KGB which desperately tried to help me when in Norway in 2010 - I turned against them instead)

I wanted to foremost confront criminal world systems in the face, show them what I alone can do with them, and get foremost proofs about world(it is ideology that pushes world to the limits and one gets to learn in details what world is made/consists out off). Flawless(without a single legal mistake) NAZI career lasted almost 9 years(ended in 2015 thanks to Obama and McCain who made some extremely serious and hateful mistakes against Russia which helped me open eyes) during which I have foremost learned that we Slavs(even those of us who are mixed) do not count as people to so called Aryans(and nor do other that aren't part of "Nordic Aryan" race) and that its ultimate goal is to simply exterminate us.

Whoever the next US president will be(I was told that next president will be Bernie Sanders who is nothing else than a hateful Jew - have also met me at employment agency in Miami Downtown with his crew in 2000), will be no different from others prior to him...America can't produce any normal president because it is a melting pot where extremism is ruling(now ready to blow up - its only money interests that keep country together) and in hands of nazi Buckingham palace, things would get even much much worse. 

American German politic that demands, however, from Russians and other Eastern Europeans against whom Hitler have lost war to accept NAZISM as legitimate support from the West will not be tolerated(if you don't get support from what should have been "normal" political parties which are instead accusing Russia and of hacking and aggression etc., you don't need one from NAZI scum either is how I see it) !!!

There is much  I do not know about and that may be in the background of the politics, however, if I can't get support from normal people(normal political parties) - I don't want want one from lunatics either is my principle. Russia won WWI and WWII !!! Why to associate itself in any way with ideology of losers who want to foremost exterminate us all !!!

Not only because some 40 million Slavs were butchered in just two world wars(in case this isn't enough to you) by this ugly inhumane beasts, but also because of other reasons(reasons such as our victories against you in both wars and fact that if we have to, we can delete you from the face of the earth at any time - as pleased) !!! 

IT IS SHOCKING THAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA EVEN DARES TO ALLOW ANY KIND OF NAZISM(movement in the Hitler's name and Swastika etc. - this is not free speech; this is exterminate Slavs and Eastern Europeans speech) ON AMERICAN SOIL AFTER SO MANY AMERICANS ALONE WERE KILLED IN WWII BY THIS VERY BEASTS(strong signal that something is very very wrong with US Government) !!!



Have I united more enemies today against me !!??? I don't think
so(enemies unite one way or another - its only you who loses clarity in politics if you associate with them in any other way than what they deserve to be seen by the people/public)...what Americans(government brainwashers) regard to as "burn bridges" is in reality the only way to go forward with because real friends never ever act as never ever get to lose real friends and about enemies I do not care(not much concerned with rear mirror view - foremost future is of my interest and future are THE people and not corrupt distrusted "LOUSY" politicians that people want to lynch)....

Was your Obamacare concern answered well Lisa Murkowski !!???

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