Thursday, September 21, 2017

German neonazi Sigmar Gabriel knows very well that EU can never ever be any major player in global affairs, but his blahblah speech is used for German nazis to promote division across the Eastern Europe

Too little(totally insufficient and dependant on foreign minerals/oil = nowhere to expand) and overly populated liebe Sigmar, but for sure big enough for more German hatred(NAZISM) to grow and to stop us from real prosperity - your goal is as clear today as it was 78 years ago !!!

Germany must be foremost excluded from European Union and taxed(sanctioned) to stall explosion of hatred(NAZISM) disseminated across the Europe via third world's invasion("human rights courts" are used to enforce one across the Eastern Europe if those disagree invited to Germany rapefugees).
Sigmar Gabriel said Europe needs to "find its voice" on the global stage


Along the above explained invasion, Scandinavian and German NAZI breeders are infesting DELIBERATELY BY NAZI EUROPEAN UNION starved to death Hungary(big time Budapest - I have seen numerous there - GERMANY, BRITAIN, USA, SCANDINAVIAN STATES ETC. PAY THEM TO IMPREGNATE WOMEN WITH SOLE BUDGED PURPOSE) to undermine(gradually erase) Hungarian people(nation) via systematic social engineering(will accelerate once they get ahold of all government positions and will then spiral into pure eugenics - not even Hungarians or Ukrainians etc. who have mixed with this "Aryan" inbreeders will stay because goal is to gradually take complete controls over the countries via here mentioned techniques and create as pure as possible "Aryan" nations)...

EUGENICSthe science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics. Developed largely by Francis Galton as a method of improving the human race, it fell into disfavor only after the perversion of its doctrines by the Nazis.

THE ONLY WAY TO SURVIVAL OF THE GERMANY IS TO DO WITH ONE AS EXPLAINED ABOVE make new petition because John McCain's placed Vladimir Putin's name in one - Vladimir Putin have nothing to do with this - this is my politic which I have designed already via MKULTRA process by answering them on what will happen if "they will this and that" - they all knew what will happen, but nobody believed it would be possible to get it done(get to this stage) and just how brutal this will turn - yeah and this is just the beginning) !!! TAKE AWAY FROM THEM HATRED BY TURNING THEM INTO SUITABLE FOR OUR SOCIETIES(NORMAL HUMBLE) HUMAN BEINGS BEFORE IT GETS ALL TOO LATE AGAIN(for us and them) !!! 

Hungarian people should be told just how beautiful they are and same should be the case with Italian people - both nations should participate in monitoring of Eastern Germany because the two joined nazism in WWII due to totally other issues that Germany. If nazism won in WWII, nothing other than death would gradually enter Italy and Hungary(both classified as non "Aryan" low end nations together with other Eastern Europeans - used only as a German support desk for death across the Europe and world - same as Japan). LOVE YOURSELF EASTERN EUROPEANS BECAUSE YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE AND IF WE MANAGE TO HELP THEM(GERMANS) TO MAKE THEMSELVES HUMBLE, THEY CAN BE USEFUL TO SHARE COMMON DESTINY WITH OTHER NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS AS WELL(interbreeding based on humbleness is a totally different animal from the one we are dealing with today which is based on NAZI hatred).

REGARDING EXTREME GERMAN NAZI PARTY KNOWN AS AFD(read this and this) AND GERMANS THAT WOULD LIVE LIKE OTHER EUROPEANS(that AFD would be ONLY a new opposition party is what mainstream media is crying)...

The answer to this is a NO NO !!! NO SUCH THING HONEYS...AFD is part of Angela Merkel's "human rights" politics(it was all used for 73 years to steer shit across the Europe as described here, get NAZISM going via divide and conquer games using Russia as a scapegoat, and introduce party that will cleanse via starvation Germany of those whom Merkel have invited to come and claim free benefits) and those who were invited to Germany will also stay there for ever. If this mean that Germany will be suffocated, be so !!! This is what you have done and have attempted to do to other European nations and this shall be your final faith(you will eat them and those whom you have sent in our countries Germany - we will support "human rights", but only in and for the Germany).

Project European Union must continue(together with Great Britain) and one should expand into even much much more important EURUSSIA project, however, without Germany.

Sigmar Gabriel wants EU superstate to be major player in global affairs

GERMANY'S foreign minister has expressed hopes of a European superstate becoming a global player in international politics, in the midst of growing tensions between Russia and North Korea.

Sigmar Gabriel said it was time Europe found its "own voice" instead of letting the US dictate global affairs while the continent argues amongst itself. 

He said Europe as a whole, and not just Germany, had a shared interest with Russia in nuclear disarnment and non-proliferation. 

And he claimed Germany was ready to support Russia, China and the US in finding a solution to the ongoing crisis in the Korea peninsula. 

Speaking to Russia Today, Mr Gabriel said: “We have partners and allies, the Americans amongst them – but we are a continent that must also ensure that we are not a mere appendix of international politics.

“In the past, we have often said that global politics are what the Americans do. If something goes wrong, we will complain. 

"But I think we need to find our own voice.”

But he said the idea of a European Army was "not realistic" at this moment in time. 

Mr Gabriel said: “I think that at this point it is not a very realistic idea. But we waste money trying to achieve the same goals without cooperation. That doesn’t make sense – cooperation would make sense.”

He cited Russia's annexing of Crimea and the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine as areas where Europe, as a global power, could help ease tensions through dialogue. 

Mr Gabriel said: "I am quite convinced that we need a new détente with Russia, even though because of the Crimea and Ukraine we have a difficult conflict. 

"We are not going to solve many problems across the world without working together with Russia.
Sigmar Gabriel praised Vladimir Putin for his recent decision to send peacekeepers to the Ukraine

"We might disagree on the particulars of the mission. But it would be insane not to sit at the negotiating table to discuss the idea and its implementation."

Mr Gabriel praised Russian President Vladimir Putin's recent support for UN peace keepers in rebel-held territories on the Ukrain Russian border.

He said if the mission resulted in a truce, then discussions on lifting Russian sanctions should begin. 

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