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GERMAN NEO NAZI 2017 ELECTIONS: Ugly German NEO NAZIS who entered parliament as third biggest party are now called even as "nationalists" by Rothschilds' main stream media....

First of all, AFD aren't any white nationalists because their plan is clearly same as it was in 1939 !!!
White nationalist and neo nazi are two different things...white nationalist is defender of his racial identity that expands beyond state borders(one supports well being of other whites worldwide and is grateful to other races for their support as well - like lets say China/Philippines etc..) and neo nazi is exterminator of the white diversity !!! White nationalist and nazi are obviously the two deadliest enemies on this planet !!! SO DON'T EVER EQUAL THE TWO !!!

1) ALL GERMAN(and Scandinavian except Finland) POLITICAL PARTIES(WITHOUT EXCEPTION) ARE A NEO NAZI POLITICAL PARTIES...they are just Wolf in sheep's clothing !!!

2) AFD is a German political party that is seemingly no different from other patriotic white political parties across the Europe who are concerned for their homelands and even as they claim Russia, but German politics openly supports nazism(they heavily fearmonger even Slavic nations against Russia as the case was/is with Russian reunification of Crimea) and butt naked nazi AFD is used today for nothing more than to condition Russia with acceptance of neonazism in Germany - ULTIMATUM is that either you Russia accept nazism(support us in AFD) as new normal or we will continue with great CDU/SPD(etc.) fearmongering against you...

EITHER WAY(many political parties bent on knees in front of such German politics) THIS TYPE OF POLITIC WOULD END IN TOTAL DEFEAT FOR RUSSIA IF RUSSIA WOULD ACCEPT ONE AS LEGITIMATE...

What we have going to day is continuation of WWII in which elites in USA, UK, MACRON IN FRANCE, and even ISRAEL have repositioned itself on German NAZI side against Russia and China and it is more than time for people to open their eyes and begun counter attack for the sake of their existence as well as WWII victory of which their grandpas and grandmas shouldn't be deprived off...

Russia should IMMEDIATELY start legal procedure against Germany regarding its politics and Poland/France/Great Britain/Serbia/Slovenia/Croatia/Czech Slovakia/Belarus/Ukraine as well as others victimized WWII nations should join one(DEMAND REPARATIONS FOR WWII - YESS)...

Russia and China should inform US and its imperial allies that American nuclear presence in part of Asia where mass slaughtering of Japanese(Hiroshima and Nagasaki) already took place in WWII is totally unacceptable...NATO allies should be clearly told(explained) that their nearest homeland(continental USA) is no less than 8700 kilometers far(America talking about Cuban missile crises to the world and doing as seen here !!????? What a joke..) and not that we have ugggly ZIONAZI Donald J. Kushner Trump clowning on political stage even deciding about faith of Korean people (INSANE) as the case is.

Told that any kinds of experiments(bombardment of North Korea even if one would not result in nuclear catastrophe) will result in immediate and unconditional bombardment(total annihilation) of United States of America as well as all of its allies(you watch therefore you participate and support American German politics)...if any of such experiments would be realized "successfully", obviously that China and Russia would be next(plain logic)...


Germans as nation don't have any right to nazism or even white nationalism - Germans must well accommodate those whom  they have brought in Germany as well as those whom they have sent to UK(Hungary, Poland, France, Italy etc.) to boost hatred after enticing(luring) them with benefits to Germany.

Merkel's conservatives and right-wing nationalists rejoice

What NAZIS(now ZIONAZIS) wanted and want to exterminate from the face of the of the "Aryan women" my ass - its this right here that is by far more beautiful !!!

One of my personal quotes posted in Facebook in 2014 about envy:
Envy is a sin(mental sickness) and laziness is a curse !!! God HATES envy and will NOT tolerate losers like yourself

Got this you nordic "Aryans" !!?????

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Merkel faces tough coalition talks as nationalists enter German parliament

German chancellor’s centre-right alliance remains largest force in parliament, as far-right Alternative für Deutschland takes 13% of vote in Sunday’s election
 The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, with the CSU’s Joachim Herrmann (third from left) and the CDU’s Armin Laschet (second from left) on election night. Photograph: Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

Angela Merkel faces tough negotiations in coming weeks as she attempts to engineer a governing coalition that can withstand pressure from the far right, which has swept into the German parliament for the first time in over five decades.

The German chancellor’s centre-right Christian Democrat-led alliance took 33% of the vote in Sunday’s election – its worst result since 1949 but enough to remain the largest force in parliament.

The centre-left Social Democrats – Merkel’s government partners since 2013 in a “grand coalition” – also suffered their worst post-war result, taking 21%. Alternative für Deutschland secured 13%, marking the first time in almost six decades that an openly nationalist party will enter the Bundestag.

The elections have left an unprecedented number of parties jostling for influence in the next parliament. The pro-business FDP, leftwing Die Linke and the Green party will also crowd into the Bundestag’s plenary chamber – a first since the introduction of a 5% hurdle for parliamentary seats in 1953.

The chancellor’s biggest challenge is to sweet-talk two parties into allying with her – the FDP and the Green party – who not only intensely dislike one another but are both cautious of losing credibility with their voters.

Talks between the parties, which will also include the CDU’s Bavarian sister party the CSU, could potentially last until after Christmas and risk triggering fresh elections if they collapse.

The only upside for Merkel is that the AfD may also take some time to get itself into position. Long-standing splits inside the party emerged on Monday morning when its chairwoman Frauke Petry said she would not join the AfD’s parliamentary caucus, walking out of a news conference with fellow leaders.

“We should be open about there being differences of substance in AfD,” Petry said. “An anarchic party … can be successful in opposition, but it cannot make voters a credible offer for government.”

German elections 2017: full results
 Read more
Merkel’s CDU needs to find one or more coalition partners in order to form a governing majority, or pursue a minority government.

A continuation of the CDU-SPD coalition would have guaranteed 53% of the vote, but was ruled out by the SPD’s lead candidate, Martin Schulz, as he conceded defeat on Sunday night.

“It’s a difficult and bitter day for social democrats in Germany,” Schulz told supporters. “We haven’t reached our objective.”

Many SPD members believe that the party can only recuperate its former energy in opposition.

One regularly cited slogan in the televised debates leading up to the election was that “grand coalitions are harmful for democracy”, usually followed by a reference to Austria, where a decade of centrist coalitions has boosted the far-right Freedom party.
If the SPD stayed outside the cabinet it would also stop AfD from assuming the role of leader of the opposition and gaining associated parliamentary privileges.

The only other option for a majority government would be a so-called “Jamaica coalition” between the CDU, the FDP and the Green party, named after the colours traditionally associated with the groups.

While such an arrangement would be a first in German history and require the Greens to bridge many differences on policy matters ranging from immigration to the car industry, many see it as a logical result of the party’s ideological transformations.

The FDP is seen as a traditional junior partner to the CDU and formed a cabinet with Merkel in her second term, yet the overlap between the liberal wing of the German conservatives and the business-friendly faction of the Greens is arguably as large as with the FDP under its strident young leader, Christian Lindner.

Informal talks between CDU and Green politicians started more than 20 years ago, when the seat of government was still in Bonn, and there a CDU-FDP-Green coalition is governing in Germany’s northernmost state, Schleswig-Holstein.

Could Germany make a new 'pizza connection' if Merkel signs up 
Politicians from both the FDP and the Greens have publicly dismissed the Jamaica option, and a coalition would be seen with scepticism by the Green party’s members, who lean further to the left than its leadership. “How high do you have to be?”, the newspaper Taz noted wryly in its Friday edition, emblazoned with a picture of Bob Marley smoking a joint.

The FDP deputy leader, Wolfgang Kubicki, on Monday told journalists: “It is not up to us to form a ‘Jamaica coalition’ at any price.”

With AfD waiting to pounce on a weak government, however, both parties may discover unexpected reserves of pragmatism. In Green circles, some suggest that the ecological party should consider coalition talks if Merkel signals concessions on a number of environmental issues, such as a UK-style carbon price floor and a roadmap for phasing out coal.

Green candidate Katrin Göring-Eckardt said on Monday morning that she expected a “complicated” process of forming the next government, while her co-leader Cem Özdemir said his party would not “shirk responsibility”.

Should talks about a grand coalition or a Jamaica solution break down, Merkel could consider a minority government supported by all her three potential coalition partners. In times of crisis, she would be able to count on the FDP, the Greens and the SPD to back her – as the Social Democrats did on key votes during the eurozone crisis.

 What the stunning success of AfD means for Germany and Europe

Speaking on TV on Sunday evening, however, Merkel appealed to rule out a minority government, saying it was her intention to “achieve a stable government in Germany”.

Other hypothetical coalitions, such as a leftwing alliance between the SPD, Die Linke and the Greens, would not get more than 50%. Coalition talks between the CDU and AfD have been ruled out by both parties.

The CDU and the SPD hold the record for the longest coalition-finding period, with Merkel having been sworn in 86 days after the 2013 election. The pro-business FDP was involved in the birth of Germany’s two quickest coalitions – once with Willy Brandt’s SPD in 1969 and once with Helmut Kohl’s CDU in 1983.

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