Sunday, August 27, 2017

Our European self elected politicians make possible for "tourists" to come on killing sprees as pleased(all over the Europe and for already over 72 years now). Nice

Our European Union politicians have variety of instruments that are used to kill white European nations. One of them are mossad tourists that come(wonder) and leave as pleased - leaving behind only traces of blood(corpses) for which our governments even allow them to accept responsibilities some 40 years latter.

Killed by mossad in Swedish town of Limmared(in reality it is a village) on Saturday(Aug. 20th, 2017) fact, about his death you can only learn from Israeli or Arab newspapers....just fascinating how criminal our European Union politicians are who insist on killings of our people that are in conflict with their criminal(corrupt) interests !!! This killing, just as others were done by our own politicians to make myself clear. Our politicians agree with abductions of our WHITE women for the sake of sexual slavery to Israel(even abductions of "politically incorrect" white European males take place) !!! Its is a part of European is who and what we is tradition that represents our freedom and our European values !!!

A "good Jew" Zvi Zamir(actually director of Jewish terrorist organisation known as Mossad, but articles would want you to see terrorists as seen here even as "good") admits responsibility for killing 40 years latter and our self elected politicians(nothing else than blood thir$$ty criminals) agree with is acceptable to them...NO, it is actually extremely valuable to them because they need Mossad option !!! This type of "democracy" is the one that  makes European Parliament, European Council, Council of the European Union, European Commission, Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), European Central Bank (ECB), European Court of Auditors (ECA), European External Action Service (EEAS), European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), European Committee of the Regions (CoR), European Investment Bank (EIB), European Ombudsman, European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS), Interinstitutional bodies, European  Union Human Rights Court...

Scary facts is that "good Jews" that are born here, are born here to kill and are pardoned for the killings by our self elected governments(from Guardian's artcile titled as, "Norway solves riddle of Mossad killing"

In January 1996, Israel paid undisclosed compensation to Bouchikhi's family but did not admit responsibility for the killing.

"No one pays out compensation unless they are guilty," Torill Larsen Bouchiki, widow of the murdered waiter, said yesterday.

Five suspected agents - Marianne Gladinkoff, who was born in Sweden; Sylvia Rafael, of South Africa; Israeli Abraham Gehmer; Dan Aerbel, who was born in Denmark; and Brazilian-born Zvi Steinberg - were convicted and jailed in Norway for the killing shortly after it took place. They were later pardoned.

According to the report, about nine others escaped from Norway, including the suspected leader, Michael Harari, a senior Mossad agent who has now retired. The commission said Norway did little to catch the suspects in the early 1970s.


I am concerned...very concerned white European Union citizen who is asking this himself because of my abductions and heavy torture that already took place against me on behalf of Slovenian government(Slovenian "president" Borut Pahor") and would love to know the answer to this question...assassination and abduction threats too many to count - all thanks to you sir !!! 

This is how protected we are under our presidents and in our European Union !!! DISGUSTING !!??? YEAH !!!

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