Saturday, August 19, 2017

MADE IN ISRAEL: Abducted/beaten up/raped and for sale in Israel are beautiful white women from Eastern Europe !!! Question is not if Jews deserved Israel...question is how to get read of crime factory known as Israel !!!

Abducted, beaten up, raped, and placed in showcases for sale as seen here are wives, moms, girlfriends, daughters from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech republic, Slovakia, Moldova etc...

Raped till destroyed, arrested and "trialed"(accused to be whores), and thrown back to Europe to die in agony !!!

Question is not if Jews deserved Israel...question is how to get read of crime factory known as Israel(do whatever it takes to take one out) !!! 

This is what you get for treating our white women like this Israhell !!! YOU SHOULD BE OBLITERATED FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH AS FAR AS AM CONCERNED !!!

You may want to say, "but there are good Jews also" and answer to this is "yes they may be"...about 10% of them appear to be as "good Jews" and it is exactly because of this 10% that other 90% exist(I don't believe in even those "good 10%" as those exist only to get ZIOFASCIST agenda going when Jews face guys like is a trick and tricks are for the weak !!!) !!!

Torah is a book of evil(hatred, revenge, and diabolic ways) that was used to evolutionize criminality to the degree that produced NAZISM(nobody was preoccupied more with racial purity and religion issues than assimilation unwilling Jews who have even declared war on Germany in 1933...Germans have in fact copied Jewish hatred from Torah and called one NAZISM). NAZISM killed over 50 million people and have burned Europe(world) to the ground...ZIOFASCISM, however, have produced death of over half a billion people - including what could have been WWIII(luckily till now known only as cold war). GANGSTERISM UNLIMITED !!! TORAH IS EVOLUTION OF CRIMINALITY ONLY AND BEST PROOF OF ONE IS EXISTENCE OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL !!!


NOTE: I have video file of above video, so if one disappears again just as the case was earlier about abducted women to Israel, I am going to post this video on numerous other video channels out there(not only Jewish youtube, but all over cyberspace).

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