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The question now is who/what will save them(us) from YOU !!????

You can read yada yada limonade >>here<< if you like...I will concentrate on facts instead...the one that appreciates doesn't behave as seen bellow, but seen bellow of TODAY was seen already before(before WWII) and it is how it all started on the first place...

Here are the facts:

I was praying and bagging long enough to get Russia in NATO with others and it was all for didn't and it won't happen for obvious reasons...even Israel is set to enter NATO, but NO to white mother Russia...tolerated self elected politicians prefer dead end street conflict vs freedom(its not even about prosperity any more if we consider fact that our white American brothers and sisters end on street whenever exercising free speech option)...

While Israel is officially not in ZIOFASCIST NATO organisation(it would be just too evident - Jews are masters of disguise/deception), one have destroyed on behalf of Israel all neighboring countries(north Africa and in Asia), so future Israeli invasion on them could take place(it will take 500 years to rebuild them) EASILY.

This ZIOFASCIST membership which did nothing(since the fall of the USSR), but harass/intimidate, and finally encircled Russian borders entirely with invasions on even remote Afghanistan - have served and serves no other interests but those of the ZIOFASCISTS based in Israel and across the USA/EU where our people(we) have
enslaved our-self with our own work via corrupt politicians. 

The worse offense in US are to be loyal to the country and people and to fully exercise your first amendment(if you do this, you will be just another homeless veteran then who believed that he had the right to say after placing on line his life for the country...its a NO NO) !!! You US veterans who have paved your way with blood in US military and now think you have the right to one - you do not have the right to one; we have millions of you who have thought that they do homeless on streets today !!! If you will, you will be just a part of "unemployment" statistics standing in a long line...

"Hitler actually didn't hate Jews so much...since Hitlah is gone and self destructive Europeanunionized Germany serves perfect purposes of ZIOFASCISM today, lets concentrate instead on Mufti...non compliant Muftis are everywhere and when not in Europe where we import them to steer hatred shit, they can be very unpleasant in and around Israel"...

"Creation of self destructive Union(regulated by Israel via USA territory) on European soil is a perfection...state of the art on how to kill(enslave) white man on entire European continent and strangle Russia with economic sanctions !!! No white American will ever made case against us on this territory because we have even laws(not only politicians whom we have given the right to perform anything on own white citizens in Europe) that disallow them or any other white EU citizen to file for basic protection from any EU member state in any EU member is unheard and unseen of in the history of the world, but we have eventually managed to bring entire world to its knees !!! Why to botha with Germany when we can have whole world...and what used to be Germany before WWII is now world !!! WE OWN YOU !!!"

I will erraze more monolithic gone now baby rrrr, "ohhh Blanda Upp ohhhh Blanda Upp Sverige we have Soros and Hitleryahu in case Soros won't blanda upp you all into nothing"... 


From here are mine ;)):

('Soviet Officers Saved Us From Nazis': Israel Rises Up Against Rewriting History

The Israeli Parliament has passed a bill to celebrate Victory Day on May 9 as the allied victory over Nazi Germany in 1945. In an interview with Radio Sputnik, Israeli political analyst Simon Tsipis said that Jews would never accept some countries’ attempts to rewrite history.

With the draft now enacted, the Jewish State will now celebrate the defeat of Nazi Germany on the same date as Russia, which is a day after most of Europe marks the event.

"People in Israel remember the Red Army officers who smashed the locks on the gates of the concentration camps. It is a very sensitive matter because for us Victory also means freedom for the Jews who languished in Nazi death camps. God only knows how many more Jews would have been exterminated had it not been for the Victory gained thanks to the Red Army, the Soviet Union,” said Simon Tsipis, who is a foreign policy expert at Tel Aviv University.

“There are more than a million Russian-speaking immigrants from the Soviet Union now living in Israel. Right now we have several hundreds of thousands of WWII veterans who celebrate Victory Day on May 9,” he added.

Simon Tsipis also said that Jews would never accept some countries’ attempts to rewrite history.

“Our people lost more than 6 million of their own during the war, and here we are one with Russia. We seriously criticize the attempts to rewrite the past now being made in the Baltic countries and in Ukraine. In his address to the Ukrainian Parliament, our president said loud and clear that hundreds of thousands of Jews were killed in Babiy Yar and that Ukrainian nationalists were working hand in hand with the German Nazis guarding the concentration camps and killing their Jewish inmates,” Tsipis emphasized.

These words ring particularly true  now that anti-Soviet, neo-Nazi ideology is rearing its ugly head in Ukraine with the growth of extreme right-wing parties such as the Right Sector and Svoboda, which associate themselves with Stepan Bandera and other nationalist leaders who collaborated with Nazi Germany during WWII and were responsible for numerous atrocities against Soviet soldiers and local civilians.

On June 22, exactly the day Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, Polish President Andrzej Duda signed into law on Monday a bill on the prohibition of communist propaganda that regulates the demolition of Soviet-era monuments.

And in the former Soviet Baltic republics, Waffen SS veterans who fought on the side of German Nazis during the war feel free to hold their marches totally unhindered thus casting doubt on their countries status as a part of civilized Europe.

The basic provisions of the bill include the allocation of time in the schedules of schools and army units for studying the history of the Allied Victory of Nazism, and financing the local authorities’ work to perpetuate the memory of WWII.

The document stipulates that on May 9 the Knesset hold a memorial session and there be a public procession in Jerusalem.

Russia and many other former Soviet republics traditionally celebrate Victory Day on May 9 with large-scale military parades, concerts and other public events. Most Western countries celebrate the victory over Nazi Germany on May 8.
"American" murderous Jewligarch Bill Browder( explains to Americans >>his<< problem with Russia...

END ...

Above seen ZIOFASCIST criminals(and numerous others - Putin's KGB background actually saved Russia from what you see here) have all supported loser(corrupt drunk - traitor) on the right side of the real man that appeared in 2000 to save Russia and world from total catastrophe(he made it)....Boris Berezovsky as an example, coughed up £140 million(British pounds) for Boris Yeltsin's campaign

Written by Bastian Auser/Бостиан Авсец for Auser Times

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