Saturday, April 15, 2017

THE FORBIDDEN NEWS(South Africa): Anti-white South African genocidal regime(killer machine) does unprecedented and nobody hears, sees, or knows anything about it...

Read about everything and not only me Here is a decent website that may help you open your eyes about white South African minority...

They are only whites(I know - thats all we are), but we are people too !!! This is what everyday is for our South African people...they keep me busy with what you see on videos, but I keep you in center no matter what(even on my "job search" - let them get the taste of reality in face): My resume My motivation letter

Bonus question for all of you !!???? What would happen if Ukraine and Russia find common language and peace(neutrality) would be re-established in Crimea for the sake of both !!???  What do you think we would talk about if this things would happen !!???? Who do you think profits from all this conflicts and who loses !!???? 

WAKE THE HELL UP ALREADY !!! WE LIVE IN A SUPER ZIO BUBBLE !!! If you don't get it bye now....

Written by Bastian Auser 



The situation in South Africa became perfect across the night(PERFECTO)......since new year 2016 started, there is almost no crime to report and everything is wonderful now(main stream media doesn't report much on crime even that country is utterly on fire these days - lt was much different last year when crime was reported to the public !!!).... 

At least this is what criminally insane South African government and police would want us to pursue the rainbow nation as.... but what is the reality !!?

THE SITUATION IS MUCH MUCH WORSE THAN WHAT YOU SEE HERE..... I BELIEVE THAT MOST(most) OF THE CRIME GOES THESE DAYS(specially) DELIBERATELY UNSEEN(unreported) IN SOUTH AFRICA(crime capital of the world) PER SOUTH AFRICAN GOVERNMENT(orders to police and main stream media - either report crime as properly handled or do not report one at all) !!!  

South Africa is One Of The Most Corrupt, Violent And Murderous Unsafe Countries In The World 

ps. The numbers have come out suggesting how over 55 people are violently murdered per day in South Africa(government claims 50 which is already astronomically high) and State-owned SABC(South African Broadcasting) have banned broadcasting of violent protests throughout the country for entire two months(court interdict finally topped this lunacy)....SOUTH AFRICA = REAL BLACK DICTATORIAL ORWELLIAN(Soviet) STATE WHERE OUR WHITE PEOPLE(white minority) ARE NOTHING MORE THAN HOSTAGES !!!

Beside physical white genocide(slaughtering) that is taking place against our white people, a white citizen by the name Penny Sparrow was recently charged $10.000 USD penalty for incident that involved her use of words I cite, "These monkeys" and black South African government have atop of that stolen $7.000 USD from her saving account(everything)...she was left jobless and homeless in fear for her life and on mercy of black rapists and killers who have delivered her life threats daily to her door steps(no protection was ever offered to her by government who have in fact incited in her death via main stream media) !!! All this while top black South African officials(regular terrorists who have incited in over 90.000 deaths of our white people) such as president Zuma or Malema are openly singing(inciting) in white genocide as seen here = AND !!!

Black South African government refers to its slaughtering and terrorism against whites a "constitutional democracy" !!!

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