Tuesday, August 16, 2016

With "Jesus" And Nails on Black Terrorists !!!

The sisters began chanting and praying during the attack, and the four suspects apparently stopped fighting back and froze before fleeing the scene.


Prayer ‘saves’ KZN women from four attackers

Renowned author and pastor Val Waldeck, her sister and their elderly friend escaped from what could have been a hijacking on Friday night, August 12, reports Southlands Sun.

They believe they used the power of prayer to drive off four unknown men who attacked them at about 7.30pm.

The sisters were dropping off their friend at an old age home in Umbilo when Val’s sister, Margy got out to open the gate. She noticed a bakkie drive up and park a few yards behind them. “My sister, Margy, realised that she was in trouble and ran back to the car. They were faster than her and grabbed her as she flung herself into the car. Two men held her by the legs while the other tried to drag her out of the car. Her one arm was latched on to the steering wheel and she fought back with the other. But I would not allow them to take my sister,” said Waldeck.

“My main priority was to protect my sister and my friend, and together, through the power of God, we defeated them. To see the power of His name was stunning and we thank Him for His protection.”

Without fear, Waldeck, 70, fought the men to protect her sister. She grabbed the one man’s head, locking on to him as she dug her nails into his skin and punched him. “It all happened in total silence – they never spoke, we just fought. My sister managed to kick another man in his groin,” said the pastor.

A miraculous thing happened when the elderly passenger, 93, began to scream “Jesus”. Overcome with emotion, the sisters joined in and began chanting and praying. According to Waldeck, the four men stopped fighting back and froze. “It was amazing, we felt the Lord’s presence which gave us strength and power,” she added.

All four men apparently fled the scene. The sisters were left only with bruises.



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