Monday, August 1, 2016

Will Johan du Toit Who Was Shot NINE TIMES by Black Terrorists Miraculously Survive Assassination Attempt !!?

Deputy Head's condition is stable for now, "The internal bleeding has stopped. It goes well with John. "

Acacia's deputy head Johan du Toit is recovering well in hospital after he was shot nine times by black terrorist(aka "burglars") about seven weeks ago...

His wife Retha said his condition was stable in Eugene Marais's Hospital.

In a message to record Thursday night Retha have stated:

"It is going well. Bleeding stopped. He is in isolation room...just me and the children are allowed to him. "

She said Du Toit had undergone a procedure after internal bleeding was noted.

"The procedure was a success. We praise and thank the Lord - it goes well with John. "

Du Toit caught burglars in his home on what he was repeatedly shot...leaving him for dead basically...

Nobody has been arrested in connection with the robbery and attempted murder to vrey today !!!


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