Tuesday, August 16, 2016

When Armed Black Terrorist Tells You to Run For Your Life, You Should Take That as a Kind Gesture And Run as Fast As You Can or You May End-up On A Funeral About Three Days Latter...Your Own Funeral That is....

Were the two victims of black terrorism de facto white !!? I do think so !!! However, we may or we may never ever find out since this is the country where over 55 people are killed on average per day by black terrorists and where criminally insane South African government as well as its “free press” still continue (despite previously mentioned facts) to deliberately decline disclosing victims' racial identities or even their names due to fear that whites would revolt against black tyranny !!! Simple as that.... 


‘Run for your life’ victim told

A man was dumped in the field near Duvha and told to run for his life after being hijacked in Middelburg on Monday night.

According to Capt. Khanyisle Zwane, Middelburg police spokesperson, an armed man jumped into a Mazda 323 whilst it was standing stationary at a traffic light in Cowen Ntuli Street.

The man pointed a gun at the vehicle driver and ordered him to drive out of Middelburg. The driver was ordered out of the car near Duvha power station and ordered to run for his life.

The victim managed to find his way back to Middelburg where he reported the matter to the police. Capt. Zwane confirmed that police are investigating a case of car hijacking. No arrests have been made yet.


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