Thursday, August 18, 2016

VIDEO: Unlike Black South African Regime, Cameras Do Not Lie...White Woman And Her Kids Were Robbed on a Broad Daylight By Black Terrorists....


WATCH: Woman robbed at a Total Garage in Vorna Valley

MIDRAND – Woman robbed in Vorna Valley in Midrand and the entire incident was captured on CCTV footage.

A mother of two had her handbag stolen while at the Total Garage in Vorna Valley.

The incident, which took place on 17 August, was caught on CCTV footage and shows the woman and two children leaving the car and walking towards the garage shop.

A moment later the suspects’ vehicle parks on the left side of the woman’s vehicle then backs out of the parking bay and parks on the right side of her car. The woman returns a few minutes later with purchases. A man, who appears to be one of the garage petrol attendants, helps carry her purchases to the car.

The children then get into the car and, as she walks to the driver’s side, a man gets out of the vehicle and steals her bag. The man gets back into the passenger seat of the vehicle and they speed off.

A post on the People Who Live in Midrand Facebook page stated that the getaway vehicle of the suspects looked like a silver Suzuki Grand Vitara 2004 model.

Garage manager, Mahomed Atcha said the incident, which happened in broad daylight, was shocking. “We were shocked, this is the first incident we have had in years. The garage has not had such incidents before.”

Atcha said when he noticed what was happening, he pressed the panic button and a security company quickly came, but the suspects had left. “I also told a Midrand police officer who came by of the incident.”

Spokesperson for Midrand Police Station, Constable Matome Tlamela confirmed that the incident was told to a Midrand police officer who passed by the garage after the incident had happened. “The officer tried to assist the woman, but she told him she cannot go and report the matter at a police station as she had children with her. She allegedly said she would report it at Sandton Police Station as it is close to where she stays.”

Tlamela said if the matter is reported to Sandton Police Station it will be transferred back to Midrand Police Station as the crime took place in Midrand.

Details: If you witnessed the robbery and have information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects contact Midrand Police Station on 011 347 1600.


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