Monday, August 1, 2016

Two Elderly White Pensioners(a beautiful old couple) Disappear in Flames in a Very Unusual Incident(on a parking lot and in their own car) !!!

Our white people are dyeing left and right in extremely unusual no where else in the world !!! Was it a car bomb !!? I would say yes !!!

Could car ignite itself for unknown due to technicalities !!? Yes, but the two would get out of it on time !!!

The skeletal remains of both victims were found in the vehicle.

A couple from Crossmoor, KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), was burnt to death after their vehicle was engulfed in flames at a parking lot in Park Rynie Beach, on the KZN south coast, on Saturday morning, Rising Sun Chatsworth reports.

While the cause of the fire is yet to be established, reports indicate that the elderly couple were identified as Aroomugum George Moodley, 68, and Kistamah Baby Moodley, 70.

The family of the couple are questioning the circumstances surrounding the sudden and shocking death of their parents.

Speaking to journalists at the family home in Golden Poppy Crescent, the couple’s daughter, Cookie Naicker, said her parents were fishing buddies and never spent a moment apart.

It is alleged the couple was visiting relatives in Sezela when the incident occurred. The skeletal remains of both victims were found in the vehicle. Reports also stated that it is not clear if it was the fiery blaze that killed them, as witnesses claimed that no screams were heard.

The vehicle has been impounded by the police for investigation purposes while the bodies were removed and taken to the Park Rynie state mortuary. Scottburgh SAPS is investigating further.


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