Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Difference Between DA, ANC, and EFF !!? What Exactly is It or Is There Any !!? DA and EFF Finally Agree on Working Together....

I don't know anything about how you feel regarding latest elections in South Africa...for me as a advocate of white minority's rights in South Africa, however, things didn't changed at all !!!

There is no difference between DA, ANC , or EFF !!! They are all in it together with same goal and that is to systematically wipe out white minority(remaining 4.5 million whites) from South Africa for ever !!!

How could some of you end-up voting for the man who have openly supported and supports against whites affirmative action(BEE laws or laws that are used in South Africa to ban whites from employment), land reform(aka "expropriation bill" or theft of the private land property from rightful white owners) etc....

Just for stating what Maimane have stated, he should be charged with white genocide !!! He didn't publicly incite in one as Zuma or Malema did, but he sure did publicly express support for what I have stated above - thus making him no different !!!


DA and EFF finally agree working together

What was perceived to be oil and water have finally mixed against the chemical incompatibility of what they stand for. A DA official who chose to remain anonymous said that “The EFF have finally found a common ground with the DA, and the common purpose is to deny corrupt ANC a chance to misuse taxpayers money”

Political analysts speculated that a EFF and DA marriage was most likely, while others said that DA and EFF were two sides of the same coin so they have more areas of disagreement which exacerbated the unlikelihood for the marriage.

Floyd Shivambu deputy to the firebrand leader Malema EFF said that “all is set although we had to compromise to constitute the final agreement to govern side by side with the DA”. On ditching the ANC Shivambu said that “the ANC days were numbered because the electorate is angry”

While the EFF have been in talks with the ANC, sources from within the EFF says that “they must not be fooled by the ANC sudden desire to engage them because once a blesser always a blesser”

The recipe of the DA and EFF may be fruitful visualising that they have been working together to fight corruption and to denounce corrupt activities by Zuma Nkandla gate. Their coalition in the past was not in vain but the managed to have Zuma held accountable and liable to pay back $500 000 in tax money he used.


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