Wednesday, August 17, 2016


At first stage, individual avoids unpleasant second stage after being exposed to bad smell for hours, individual adjusts his brain to unpleasant smell - he/she begins to tolerate third stage, bad smell becomes no longer tolerable - individual is now driven insane and the smell even if removed can stay with him/her for many more day/months or even years = this is exactly how multicultural relationships work !!! MULTICULTURALISM = INSANITY !!! The ultimate product and proof of multiculturalism is a newborn which is uglier than ugly !!!

In most advanced(traditional white) societies of this world, the only way to assimilate the unacceptable is through the use of force !!!.We all know that use of force against our societies for the sake of "multiculturalism" was/is implemented against us by self elected governments through the use of domestic terrorism(their ultimate tool) !!! MULTICULTURALISM = TERRORISM !!!  

By Bastian Auser

PS. So what exactly is more barbaric than multiculturalism which was invented and is supported by communism and Zionism !!? Multiculturalism is completely works against laws of the nature which God have created to preserve variety of species(diversity) or what is evolution !!! What arguments other than violence do you supporters of Obamination have !!? NONE !!! Lies and violence..lies and violence...lies and violence....

& Like I have stated to you...those who support one are a temporary nothing !!!

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