Friday, August 5, 2016

Rodora Family Massacre's Time-line

Clockwise: Victims of the Rodora family massacre: Kayla Meyer, 9, Marietjie Meyer, 46, Kennith MacCormack, 42, and Monty MacCormack, 73. A mother and daughter as well as a father and son were brutally murdered on their farm in Rodora, Randfontein.

The Randfontein Police have made a major breakthrough in the Rodora family massacre.

According to Captain Appel Ernst, Randfontein Police spokesperson, four suspects have been arrested in connection with the murder of an entire family in Rodora, Randfontein.

The arrest was made by the West Rand Trio Task team, working with Lieutenant Colonel Gert Kruger from the Randfontein detective branch, after an intensive investigation.

The arrest and court appearance comes only five months after Monty MacCormack, 73, Kenny MacCormack, 42, Marietjie Meyer, 46, and Kayla Meyer, 9 were brutally murdered on their farm in early March this year.

The incident took place between Wednesday, 9 and Thursday, 10 March in Rodora, Doornfontein. All the victims were reported to have all sustained blunt force trauma.

The elderly victim, Monty, was on a visit to South Africa at the time of his murder. He and his family emigrated to the United Kingdom (UK) many years ago.

If it had not been for the concern of Monty’s family in the UK, the family’s bodies may only have been discovered much later. According to Ernst, a family friend allegedly discovered Monty’s body after being asked to check on him by his family in the UK when he stopped answering his phone.

Once Monty’s body was found and police were called to the scene, they found the other victims. They found the body of Kenny’s fiancée, Marietjie, in an incomplete building on the premises. Later, they found the body of Marietjie’s daughter, Kayla, in a shed.

Kenny was, however, not found immediately. His body was found a day after his family was discovered dead. Police had to search for his body with their Air Wing Unit and eventually he was found in a grove of trees on the property.
Clockwise: Victims of the Rodora family massacre: Monty MacCormack, 73, Marietjie Meyer, 46, Kennith MacCormack, 42, and Kayla Meyer, 9. A mother and daughter as well as a father and son were brutally murdered on their farm in Rodora, Randfontein.

No property was reported stolen from the farm after the incident although the family’s Mercedes SUV was taken. It was later located in Greenhills with the help of a local security company.

Because no property was reported stolen, questions about the cause of the massacre are on every community member’s lips. A family friend spoke to the Herald shortly after the incident took place. She wished not to be named because of the sensitive nature of the matter. She speculated that the cause of the murders might have been financial problems.

The mainstream media have speculated that the massacre was the result of Kenneth not paying his workers and mistreating them. This has however not been proved.

The four suspects arrested for the massacre appeared in the Randfontein Magistrates’ Court on 1 August and the case was remanded to 18 August.

Randfontein station commander, Brigadier Mashole Jacob Manamela, who attended the scene earlier this year to comfort the remaining members of the family, is pleased with the arrests that have been made.

To the officers who made the arrests he said, “This team of police officers are impacting positively on serious crime investigations.” He also commended Lieutenant Colonel Gert Kruger for his tenacity in this case.
Rodora Family massacre infographic


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