Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Real Smash & Grab Safety Tips...AVOID ABUSE OF ANY KIND !!!

I will give you a real "smash and grab safety tips" if you do find yourself in a situation like recently Vicki Momberg did....

1) Remember where you were assaulted and drive your vehicle to nearest police station or if unsure where one is, position yourself at some safe spot(where a lot of people pass bye and is bright)... avoid dangerous(risky) and dark places(places without light)....

2) Take you valuable possessions out of the car and stay in the public area from where you can observe your vehicle...

3) Get the detailed information on where you are located at and call the police immediately. When dealing with emergency services or police, first ask(demand) for their names....this way, you will avoid potential bullying if dealing with black employee(s)...do not use false language in any given situation and if employee is unwilling to assist you, ask for his supervisor....write names and time when you called...

4) Wait in that safe public area(store or some other safe location) till police arrives on scene...and repeat the same as you have done prior with 911 services...list officers names(or their IDs) and time of their arrival(how long did it took them to get to you), then start to exchange information with them !!! Be formal(professional) as much as you can be...don't get into any mind games with them....exchange the important information only and arrange whatever is necessary to arrange...you must ask them for police report after you are done... REMEMBER, THIS IS SOUTH AFRICA WHERE TOO MANY OF THIS POLICE OFFICERS ARE LOOKING FOR TROUBLE IF YOU ARE WHITE !!! THE LAST THING YOU WANT IS TO ENDUP LIKE VICKY MOMBERG DID http://saveboer.blogspot.si/2016/08/robbedassaulted-by-black-terrorists-and.html  ....

5) If they have problems with anything mentioned here, report them to the police superiors the very same or next day....follow up wit your story to public services such as local/national newspapers to make sure that abuse against you will not go unseen...you are also welcome to report your incident on this very page...I will gladly have them published for you and world....it is important for everyone to see what is going on or how our white people are mistreated by government services alone in south Africa !!!


Pretoria motorists need to be more alert when driving around and avoid becoming victims of hijackings and vehicle theft.

Smash and grab criminals will target valuables that can be sold, such as purses, handbags and wallets, briefcases and backpacks, cellphones, MP3 players and tablets, loose change and CDs.

Rekord and the South African Police Service (SAPS) offer the following tips to evade smash and grabs:

– Avoid stopping in remote places.

– Always lock your vehicle doors and keep the windows closed.

– Do not open your windows for hawkers along the road or at traffic lights.

– Park your vehicle in well-lit areas at night.

– If a stranger wants to talk to you while you are in your vehicle, do not open the window too far. Rather open the window 5cm, enough to have a discussion.

– If something looks suspicious, do not talk to strangers, rather drive away.

– Limit your trips at night or let someone drive with you.

– If you are approached by a stranger while in your car, drive off if possible or sound your hooter to attract attention.

– If strangers loiter near or at your driveway, rather drive past. If they loiter for a long time, report it to your nearest police station.

– Be aware that car hijackers may stage a minor accident in order to approach your car.

– Avoid parking your vehicle where there are no security guardscars.

– Do not leave your firearm in the motor vehicle’s glove compartment or anywhere in the vehicle when you park (this is against the law).

– Valuable items like a laptop and camera should be put in the boot of your car.

– Be aware of people approaching you about a flat tyre; the intention can be to steal items they see inside the car or hijack your car.

– Do not use a cellphone while driving unless you have a hands-free kit.

– Do not leave your handbag/briefcase or any goods visible in the car.

– Do not leave your keys in the ignition when you’re not present or not attending to your vehicle.

– Have your keys ready in your hand as you approach your car, especially if they are difficult to find in your handbag.

– Remove detachable radios and the radio’s face when getting out of the car.

– Fit your car with anti smash and grab windows.

– Always be vigilant of your surroundings.


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