Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Quick Mother's Reaction Saves Young Girl’s Life From Black Terrorist....

Were the two victims of black terrorism de facto white !!? I do think so !!! However, we may or we may never ever find out since this is the country where over 55 people are killed on average per day by black terrorists and where criminally insane South African government as well as its “free press” still continue (despite previously mentioned facts) to deliberately decline disclosing victims' racial identities or even their names due to fear that whites would revolt against black tyranny !!! Simple as that.... 


Quick reaction saves young girl’s life from robber

Police from various units immediately launched a manhunt in the area, but the man eluded capture

A mother’s worst nightmare almost became a reality yesterday morning (Tuesday).

The woman was at work at the time and her 19-year-old daughter was at home alone.

She received a call from her distraught daughter, informing her that the house was being broken into. The mother immediately sprang into action by getting onto a Community Policing Forum (CPF) chat and posting a request for help.

>>>>A police officer who was in close proximity to the scene immediately picked up on the post and reacted. He quickly activated other police officers and within a few minutes, they were on scene.<<<<

The mother, as well as Community Policing members who belong to the chat, also responded.  The intruder was tipped off to the fact that police were fast approaching when he heard the young lady calling for help and he fled the scene.

>>>>Police from various units immediately launched a manhunt in the area, but the man eluded capture.<<<<

It was later established that the intruder had walked into the yard much earlier in the day, carrying a pick in his hand. Neighbours who saw him were under the impression that he worked at the premises.

Police advise the community to keep in touch with their neighbours. Use available resources like Community Policing chats and verify that unknown people seen in your area are there for legitimate reasons.


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