Friday, August 12, 2016

Pinetown Terror...Another Two White Female Victims of Black Terrorism...

Black Terror on The Streets of  Pinetown


BREAKING: Grandmother viciously attacked outside Pinetown SARS

One of the robbers pushed the woman into the road, attacked her and pulled a clump of hair form her head to try get her handbag.

LYNETTE Janse Van Vuren (53) and her daughter, Lieze (18), were robbed and assaulted outside the Pinetown SARS office this afternoon.
The two women had left the SARS building and were walking to their vehicle. They approached the intersection of Union Lane and Glenugie Road and saw two suspicious men. One was wearing a black t-shirt and a black cap and the other was wearing a brown t-shirt. They passed the two men.

Lieze looked back and saw the man in the brown shirt appear behind them and push Lynette into the road, where he climbed on top of her and attacked her, trying to get hold of her handbag. During the attack he pulled a clump of hair from her head. He was able to rip off her necklace, a Mother’s Day gift she received years ago, from her neck during the assault...

The daughter jumped on top of the attacker and began hitting him, holding her cell phone in her free hand. The man in the black shirt used the opportunity to grab her cellphone. Both men then ran from the scene towards the Pinetown taxi rank. They stole the cell phone and the necklace.

Lynette’s foot was badly injured in the attack. According to Lynette, there were at least 15 people in the vicinity when they were attacked and nobody helped.


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