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OUR READERS' STORY: This is Undocumented Farm Attack(Pretoria West - Uitsig) That Was Left Behind(neglected) From Police and Main Press Media in 2015...

However, you can always get your story published on this are all more than welcome to submit your articles here.....your actions for doing so may eventually pay you off one day by even saving your own life as explained in continuation....

Written by our reader Dellene Tremaine Shelly Olivier and edited by Bastian Auser:

On the 13th November 2015 me, my mom, brother, and friend have decided to have a quick braai(South African type of barbecue with different variety of meat) outside.

The idea was to test and celebrate purchase of my brand new R20 000($1500 USD) computer which was at that point only 2 days old. 

At around 6:30pm, My brother and friend quickly went to spar while myself, mom, and my boyfriend have started the fire outside. We sat on the porch and were talking about what game we would play.....At around 7:15pm that evening, my mom got up to put some more wood on the fire and suddenly 3 black terrorists(aka guys) came running from around the of them grabbed my mother from behind and the other two came running towards me and my boyfriend....they ordered us to hush, I cite Dellene" told us to shhhtt".....

As my mom saw the gun in one of the terrorist's hands, she pushed him aside and tried to run away, but the terrorist grabbed her for the back of the shirt and pointed her gun straight in her face..... he ordered her to shut up or he would kill us all !!! 

One of the terrorists went inside of the house and have pointed the gun at my father, ordering him under death threat to come outside and sit with the rest of us. 

While crying, I bagged the terrorists if I could just fetch my 7 year old daughter which was alone in the room at the time.....the black terrorist(aka guy) replied me in return to shut up because he would go to fetch her instead !!!

Withing moments, the terrorist returned out from the house with my daughter whom he grabbed by the arm and was dragging her with him while she was screaming for her life !!! I cite Dellene,"screaming for her grandpa to help her coz there is black people in the house"..

The daughter immediately came to me. Terrorists then proceeded to cut the ropes from the gazebo and have used them to tie us the process, I was wounded(cut by knife) with knife by one of the terrorists !!! As we were seated outside like this, my brother and friend returned from spar and they both thought it was a joke.....when they pulled with car over, my mum ran towards them yelling to leave immediately due to ongoing robbery, but it was too late !!!

The terrorists have immediately pulled both of them out of the car and the two were violently hit in the back of their heads with the guns....both were tied up and pushed to the ground....they were then dragged along us and just to be ordered afterwards to get in the house with one of the armed terrorists...

Me, my mom, my daughter, and her nephew were seated outside alone with two other terrorists(aka guys).....I started crying as I thought that terrorists are going to shoot the two men. One of the terrorists ordered me to shut up....After while, the terrorist order was for all of us  to also enter the the dining room, we were placed in a circle....the terrorists started to grab everything that was at their hand and have loaded our stolen merchandise into my Corsa bakkie(pickup)

Finally, they placed clothes over our faces, so we couldn't see anything.....They took everything. I was then asked about bakkie's keys, but couldn't find them,....I had to show it to them and in the process, terrorist first took me from the ground by pulling me for my arm(he badly bruised me) and then he begin to hit me in my back as I was walking.....After they got the car keys, terrorist(aka guy) just begun to push me back to the dining room where I was again seated by terrorist while kicking me. 

After they finished with robbery, two of them drove away and the third one stayed. He kept on pointing the gun behind my daughters back at her and I desperately tried to move my body between her and the gun....for each move, he ordered me to seat still......about half an hour later, he turned around and walked right out the door...he  locked the gate and have disappeared in the night. My mom managed to get up and reach out for father's knife to cut his ropes lose....My brother took father's uno(Fiat Uno) and drove as fast as he could to our neighbor and them asked to contact SAPS(police) per ASAP(as fast as possible)

Terrorists have also took a 10 pound hammer and have thrown one in our dog, but she is somehow okay.....

Ever-since, we live in fear and we would never ever have a braai again....we live in constant stress - under the terror that can strike at us at any time again !!! I have developed insomnia due to fear and I don't sleep until 5-6am in the morning. I keep watching the cameras as much as possible....we don't go outside at all and when we do, we do it quickly.

Police did responded within 30min, however, they only took our report and description of the terrorists(aka men) on what we have never heard from police again !!! We don't even know if they are still investigating the case....

This was not the only attack that took place, Dallene also stated:
IMPORTANT NOTE: I have advised Dellene and am advising all of you that it is crucial to record the time of your call to police, the time of their arrival on scene, write down names of the officers and request from them copy(and the case number) of the police report to make sure that your criminal case or incident was even recorded !!!  The case number and copy of the police report also gives you the right to follow up with the police and it gives them the impression that you know what you are doing...they eventually are forced that way to take your case more seriously and you never know what your future may be(it is always extremely important to have backup in case if incident repeats in the future etc...this is a proof for the court etc...)....JUST DO IT AS EXPLAINED HERE AND YOU MAY EVEN SAVE YOURSELF A LIFE IN THE FUTURE !!!

Inform media houses about it(including this one) to have your story published...this is also one additional record that benefits you in case you have to deal and potentially even kill terrorists on your property in the future !!! South African judicial system(specially black police) likes to forget all to often when black terrorists are injured that you were already victim of their crime in the past...they are blaming our white people even for defending their own and lives of their family members from terrorists who already broke inside of their residences....You live in South Africa folks, so please learn to do it the right way !!!

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