Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Most Likely White Owner of a Well-Known Supermarket in Centurion, Have Missed Appointment With Death After Bullet Fired By Black Terrorist Misses His Head For Just Millimeters(was hit in the left ear) !!!

Was the victim white or not, we may or we may never find out... as you know, criminally insane South African government and its free press do not disclose victim's racial identity or even their names due to fear that whites would revolt against black tyranny !!! Simple as that.... 


Centurion man grazed by bullet

The owner of a well-known supermarket in Centurion narrowly escaped with his life after robbers opened fire at him.

A Centurion supermarket owner was shot and wounded in the face in a robbery on Monday night.

He was hit in the left ear, said Wierdabrug Sector 2 Policing Forum officer Ockert Kruger.

“Three armed men walked into the well-known supermarket in the Reeds around 7:10  and held the owner at the gunpoint,” he said.

“A shot was fired and the owner was hit in the left ear.”

The robbers took cigarettes and money before fleeing.

The wounded man was taken to Medipark in Panorama Street where he was stitched up before being discharged.”


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