Thursday, August 4, 2016

Life in Terror For Elderly White Couple Located in East of The Pretoria....

Black terrorist shoved elderly home owner(his age is not disclosed) to the floor and had his leg injured during assault(aka robbery)....


Elderly couple targeted in robberies

An elderly woman and her husband have been robbed twice in recent months in their home in the east of Pretoria.

Bernard Marchand and his wife Marion were attacked in their home in Menlo Park on a Friday morning about two weeks ago.

Marchand said Marion was in the kitchen when a man wearing a balaclava kicked down a door and demanded valuables.

“I was in the bedroom when I heard my wife screaming after a loud bang.”

He said he thought his wife had seen a rat.

“The robber who had no weapon demanded that Marion give him cash,” said Marchand.

He tried to stop the intruder but was shoved to the floor and his leg was injured.

He said: “My wife had a bit of cash and she gave it to him.”

The man jumped our razor wire fence and fled without taking anything else.

“About 12 officers combed our home for fingerprints the next morning, but no arrests have been made.”

He said security upgrades were installed around their home but he didn’t feel safe.

“This was the second robbery in a few months.”

Marchand said the previous attack was in May when a robber also made his way into their home and throttled him.

He said it seemed the robbers had targeted them as the robbery in May also happened in the morning.

“Cash was also taken by the single robber,” he said.

Marion said the level of crime in the area was concerning.

She said police had been amazing in their response but the crime level was concerning.

Marion said: “The men in both robberies were wearing balaclavas. We live in fear.”


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