Wednesday, August 10, 2016

First White English Speaking Terrorist and Black South African Timothy James McVeigh's Doppelganger " now Identified" in a Johannesburg's Farm Attack !!! THIS IS A REAL BREAKTHROUGH IN MODERN FORENSICS BY SOUTH AFRICAN PALICE !!!

I have a very serious doubts about this article writer....Roxy de Villiers is claiming that two farm-robbing suspects were identified...

Does she know at all what the word "identify" means !!? To identify means in this case to recognize face to face a criminal either at the police station or elsewhere on what one is arrested !!! Having just a sketch of one equals almost to zero point nothing !!!

Synonyms for the word "identified" are: recognized, singled out, picked out, spotted, pointed out, pinpointed etc...

"identified" or depicted(described) is NOT the same !!!

I understand that it must be exciting for black regime to write about how one of the terrorists who have engaged in a farm attack was/is a white English-speaking male armed with a gun, but this is a marginal case(one in a million) of which I have never ever heard it possible do !!? We will know the truth when one will be brought to the justice - if ever !!! Till then...we will be discussing a terrorism in South Africa as a exclusively black sport !!!

Note that white South Africans belong in majority to Afrikaans speaking minority...chances of "white terrorist" farm attacker are slender(only 36% of the whites  in South Africa were identified in 2011 as native English speakers of total 4.5 million  and there are 55 million people in South Africa total) !!! The second suspect who was/is black and have spoken in Zulu language looks on the police sketch as a white and not black male as well !!!  Very very strange article....
Black South African Timothy James McVeigh's doppelganger "identified" !!?


Two farm-robbing suspects identified

Identikits of two of the seven suspects have been released.
Big lips for a white man....

Two of the seven suspects that have been on the run from the Westonaria Police after they robbed a farm have been identified.

Police recently managed to obtain enough information to draw up identikits of the suspects. The armed robbery took place on 19 April at approximately 9.50am at a Leeudoorn farm.

Captain Siphiwe Ndlovu, Westonaria Police spokesperson, said seven unknown suspects arrived at the farm in a single-cab van, pretending to be electricians.
Does this look to you like black Zulu suspect !!? Small lips, white nose, eyes etc.. 

Ndlovu said they all gained entry to the house, pulled out firearms, held the farm employees at gunpoint, and forced them into the lounge.

The victims were later tied up with cable ties and allegedly covered with blankets.

“They were ordered to lie down on the floor and not to move,” Ndlovu said.

The suspects proceeded to cut the house’s safe open with a grinder and later fled the scene.

The employees managed to free themselves some time later, and called their employer to inform him of the incident.

A handgun, ammunition and an undisclosed amount of money were stolen from the safe.

Should residents have more information about the suspects, they can contact Warrant Officer Ali Motlhale on 082 319 9515.

Description of the first suspect:

• Gender: Male

• Race: White

• Age: 40 to 60

• Height: approximately 1,68 metres

• Build: Big build

• Habits: Friendly

• Language: English

• Weapon: Firearm

• Transport: White Toyota single-cab bakkie with no canopy

• Hair length: Long

• Hair colour: Grey

• Clothes last seen in: White long-sleeved striped shirt, black pants and black shoes.

Description of the second suspect:

• Gender: Male

• Race: Black

• Complexion: Light

• Age: 37 to 38

• Height: Approximately 1,66 metres

• Build: Medium

• Habits: Calm

• Language: Zulu

• Weapons: Firearm

• Transport: White Toyota single-cab bakkie with no canopy

• Hair length: Bald

• Clothing last seen in: Blue overall top with stripes, and blue skinny jeans.


EXACTLY LIKE THIS !!! THEY DIDN'T CHANGE AT ALL AFTER ALL THIS YEARS !!! Do you smell now something funny about it !!?

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