Tuesday, August 16, 2016

DIE YOU F*****G PINK PIG !!! Lets Do It Again !!!

Mr Jean-Luc Devoldere after the assault, covered in sand, with torn trousers.


Update: Traffic warden calls assault victim ‘deserving pig’

The Middelburg traffic department has a new crisis on hands, following Monday’s assault on a motorist by a municipal painter in the presence of a uniformed traffic cop.
www.mobserver.co.za posted a link to the video of the assault on social media platforms, a well known traffic warden, Mr Kgaugelo Tbose Mashego, applauded the incident with added racial slurs.

He wrote on the Middelburg Observer Facebook page: “Lol oh woow wow what a warm clap u don’t mess with the man in orange, this should be a lesson to motorists that da paintings in town is hard work u dont jst come and drive over wet paint he deserved it die f#@$ vark (SIC)”.

An irate Middelburg Observer Facebook member immediately lashed out with “F*** you” to which warden Mashego replied – “Lol thank u fat pink pig…”

When he was called out by members of the public on his racist vies, he quickly backtracked, saying he didn’t say white pig, but pink, and that the country has no pink nation.

He again condones the assault saying, “.. Lets not entertain apartheid here we talking abwt a naughty child who got what he wanted…. (SIC)”. He adds, “I dont see violence there i see non racial dicipline (SIC)”.

A number of civilians on the scene, attempted to intervene and stop the continued assault on the motorist by the painter.

The warden’s pig comment was without a doubt addressed to Mr Jean-Luc Devoldere, the motorist who was viciously assaulted by the painter.

Furthermore, Mr Mashego’s personnal Facebook page, can also draw his competency as traffic warden into question, with one picture, showing a can of Hunters Extreme beer, resting on the steering wheel of his car, with the keys in the ignition, captioned “Extreme satrday (SIC)”. In yet another post, he shows off a wad of cash, apparently earned at a DJ’in gig alongside the words “Lets do it again”.
The posts were brought to the attention of the acting Director of Community Safety, Ms Pamela Mkosi, who referred the paper to the acting Municipal Manager Mr Mandla Mnguni, who after numerous attempts, couldn’t be reached for comment.


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