Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bricks Are Thrown Into The Passengers Cars At The Stop Lights(traffic lights) in a Presence of The Police, But You Are On Your Own If White...

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Teacher traumatised after smash-and-grab

Cape Town - Driving to work in the morning will never be the same for student teacher Nawaal Brenner, who was a victim of a smash-and-grab incident last week in full view of a police officer.

Brenner said what upset her more than her belongings being taken, was that a police officer who drove in the lane next to her didn't help and told her to "go to the nearest police station", before driving off.

Brenner said she was a vigilant driver and thought her bag, being tucked under the front seat of her car, was safe.

But a few seconds after stopping at a traffic light on Prince George Drive a brick was thrown into the passenger side of her car, and the perpetrator made off with her bag that contained her school work and personal possessions.

She said the man was wearing a black hoodie that covered his face and, after not feeling anything on the seat, threw another brick through the window.

"I was looking around for something to hit him with. I knew I had my flask nearby and I threw it at him. That's when he threw a brick at me and it hit me on the side of my face and neck."

Brenner said two men from the car that was in front of her saw the incident happening and came to help her.

She said they flagged an officer who told them they had to go to a police station.

"I was so shaken up, I had to trust these other two guys that I didn't know. Anything could have happened."

She said she reported the incident to police but no fingerprints were taken and the the brick was still on the seat of her car.

She said the officers told her father, who accompanied her, that the suspect would have only spent two hours in the cells.

"I can't sleep properly, I am always looking over my back and I tell my husband that I need to get something (for protection).

"I just wish I had something to defend myself. All I was thinking was if I would see my son again."

Mayco member for safety and security JP Smith said smash-and-grab criminals operated where they had quick escape routes.

"Also, if there is high foot traffic in the area, that provides a cover for would-be criminals as it is difficult to identify a potential attacker.

"Examples of such intersections include Military Road in Steenberg, Stock Road and the R300.

"It is therefore crucial that motorists are aware of their surroundings at all timesand that they keep their valuables out of sight."


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