Sunday, August 14, 2016

Blind Justice for White Victims of Black Terrorism And Government Support For Black Terrorism Against Whites in South Africa. UPDATE: No One Might Ever Be Held Responsible For The Murder Of Pierre de Necker And The Trial For Murder of Cindy Swanepoel Who Was Killed in October of 2015(almost a year ago) is Finally About to Take Place....

Pierre de Necker and Cindy Swanepoel 


Update: Getting away with murder – the tragic story of how there might never be justice for Pierre

All is not well in the small town of Belfast. It is not normal for two brutal murders of young and vibrant people to be committed in such a small town in such a short time span.

Whilst one family is preparing to face the murderer of their beloved during an upcoming murder trial, another has to deal with the growing possibility that no one might ever be held responsible for the murder of their son and brother, even though everyone knows who they are.

Cindy Swanepoel was murdered in October 2015 when a colleague of hers shot her at point blank range in front of eyewitness.
Black terrorist and Cindy Swanepoel's assassin whose name is Oscar Ndlovu... 

An arrest was made shortly after the incident and Oscar Ndlovu will stand trail for murder in a couple of weeks, just shy of the one year anniversary of Cindy’s death.

Pierre de Necker was beaten to death in July 2016 in a suburban street, also in ront of eyewitnesses. He stole a car and the owner thereof gathered his friends and they managed to trap De Necker in a street where he was dragged from the vehicle and beaten to a pulp. Not given a hiding, not learnt a lesson, his brain was physically beaten to a pulp.

The mob had no intention for Pierre to ever recover from that attack. Although everyone knows who the people involved in the attack are, no arrests have been made.

In fact, it seems that the Belfast police have done all they can to avoid the mountain of evidence, and have pinned all their hopes on the possibility that one of the involved parties will admit guilt or imply one of their friends.


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