Monday, August 15, 2016

Blind Justice for White Victims of Black Terrorism. UPDATE: Morgan's Killers Still at Large


Morgan killers still at large

“We are still investigating this matter, however no arrests were made”.

The Erasmia police are still on the hunt for the killers of Mathews Morgan.

Police spokesperson Constable Tumisang Moloto said the police had not made any arrest yet.

Morgan was gunned down at Mnandi small holdings, where he lived with his children, in April.

“At this stage we are still investigating.”

Morgan (43) was killed on 15 April, in what appeared to have been a botched robbery.

Police believe Morgan had just dropped off his children at his father’s house, on the same smallholding, for a movie.

The children and Morgan’s father Douglas (72), said they heard the sound of gunfire around 20:15.

Other residents on the smallholding told the police that when they went out to investigate, they too were fired at but saw several men jumping over the fence. Nobody else was injured.

The Morgans had been living on the smallholding for the past 47 years, and the children all grew up on the property.

Morgan’s brother, Nick could not be reached for comment.

Moloto provided the following safety tips on how to deal with such a tragedy

– Report the crime to police immediately and call paramedics

It is very important for paramedics to get the time they need to try to safe the victim’s life

– Ensure that no one contaminates the scene

Nobody should walk unnecessarily on the scene

– Do not tamper with evidence

Exhibits or any other clues left by assailants might provide investigators the breakthrough they will need to make an arrest


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