Friday, August 12, 2016

Black Terrorists Strike House Complex Owned by Whites Located in Equestria, east of Pretoria...


Houses in east complex robbed

Police advised residents to improve the security of the complex.

Two men robbed houses in a complex in Equestria, east of Pretoria, on Thursday.

Police said they broke into three houses in Bishop Creek complex and took electrical appliances, jewellery, a laptop and cellphones.

“The two forced opened two houses and jewellery and electrical appliances were stolen,” said Silverton police spokesperson Captain Jan Sepato.

“When they got to the third house, they found a 25-year-old woman busy on her computer. They took the computer and two cellphones and fled.”
Residents complained on Friday that the police were dragging their feet in dealing with the crime.

Anneline Abbot, a neighbour to one of the units that were robbed said: “The police did not do much.

They didn’t even take fingerprints.”

Sepato disputed this, saying a team of experts had analysed the crime scene and concluded that there were no prints left to take.

House breaking and a robbery dockets had been opened, he said.

Police advised residents to improve the security of the complex, saying entrance gates were left open once a week for waste management services.


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