Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Black Terrorists Hijack White Woman Near Dibiki Resort in Hartenbos...

Was she white !!? I do think so !!! We may or we may never find out in a country where over 55 people are killed on average per day... as you know, criminally insane South African government and its free press do not disclose victim's racial identity or even their names due to fear that whites would revolt against black tyranny !!! Simple as that.... 


Woman assaulted during hijacking in Hartenbos

A woman in her 50’s was hijacked around 10:00 yesterday near Dibiki Resort in Hartenbos.

According to information received from the Da Gamaskop police, the woman was driving a Mercedes in the direction of the N2.

The woman stopped at a road junction when two armed men jumped into the vehicle. It is presumed that the doors of the vehicle were not locked. The men threatened the woman with knives and forced her to drive in the direction of the Sentinel Geelbeksvlei Road.

In the area of the Belvedere farm, the men forced the woman to stop the vehicle, and both men fled into the bushes. The suspects escaped with the woman’s purse, cash and a tablet.

The police said that the woman sustained minor injuries from the assault of the two men.


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