Monday, August 8, 2016

Black Terrorists Have Managed to Kill The Key Witness and Now The Trial for Slain White Victim is Over...

Yes....this is South Africa and it is exactly how it is done. Law of the land here is crime !!! What should serve as an additional proof against black terrorists who have slain white victim, will be now used to instead exonerate them from criminal charges....


Murder case withdrawn after witness is killed

Family distraught after son’s murderers are off the hook.

The family of murdered Louis du Toit was distraught after the news that his killers would walk free.

The murder case of Louis was withdrawn on Monday at the Pretoria High Court after the state witness was killed before he could testify.

Louis was shot and killed in Pretoria West last year in March. Meanwhile state witness Lucky Mnisi was killed last week before he could testify, according to Netti Du Toit, the mother of Louis.

Netti told Rekord on Friday the family feels helpless after the court ruling on Monday.

“We heard in court the state witness (Mnisi) was shot and killed last Friday in Marikana. After the announcement, we were told the case was withdrawn because the state did not have a case anymore,” she said.

Netti said she and her husband Louis senior, couldn’t believe the ruling.

“We were shocked and I thought I was watching a film. It seems there’s no justice for my son. We have faith in the police that they will keep up with their investigations but we still feel empty that the killer has not been caught yet.”

According to the police, Louis was on his way from Pretoria Chicken and Meat wholesale in Pretoria West to the bank to deposit an undisclosed amount of money. When he reached his car, he was attacked and shot dead by three armed men.

The men fled with the money in a red Toyota Corolla which was later found abandoned on Bremer Street in Pretoria West.

Two of the three men have since been arrested in connection with the murder but one is still on the run.

Police say Mnisi had information that could have assisted them to arrest the third attacker.


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