Monday, August 15, 2016

Black Terrorists Attack What Most Likely Was/Is Elderly White Couple in Their House in Dunnottar....

Were the two victims of black terrorism de facto white !!? I do think so !!! However, we may or we may never ever find out since this is the country where over 55 people are killed on average per day by black terrorists and where criminally insane South African government as well as its “free press” still continue (despite previously mentioned facts) to deliberately decline disclosing victims' racial identities or even their names due to fear that whites would revolt against black tyranny !!! Simple as that....

Translated and edited by Bastian Auser:

Elderly couple attacked in their house in Dunnottar

Armed robbers kicked 70-year-olds and beaten.

An elderly couple from Dunnottar was attacked(kicked and punched) by black terrorists(aka "armed robbers") in their own house. The 70-year-old elderly homeowner was hit in the face by black terrorists using gun what have left him bleeding and was also locked in a vault for more than an hour.

The couple and the TV repairman were on August 11th at home and at approximately 1900 hours, the two black terrorists(aka "men") have walked right in through the back door.

Terrorists have stolen weapons, cash, old coins, knives, and the jewelry(they have even stripped the elderly's two rings from her fingers). They forced homeowner in the safe on what he was locked in there. Terrorists have also seized equipment from the television worker.

The elderly homeowner(whose head wound bled a lot) was taken to Life Springs Parkland Hospital, but was released on the weekend.

The two terrorists(aka "robbers") have used English as a language of communications with victims, but privately the two were communicating with one another in Zulu.

According to Warrant Officer Tommy Tomlinson of Dunnottar Police Station, the two fled in a car that was waiting.... Anyone with information about the incident, please contact the police at 011 737 9638.


Bejaardes in huis in Dunnottar oorval

Gewapende rowers het 70-jariges geskop en geslaan.

‘n Bejaarde egpaar van Dunnottar is deur gewapende rowers in hul huis oorval, geskop en geslaan. Die 70-jarige huiseienaar is in die gesig met ‘n wapen geslaan waarna hy bloeiend vir meer as ‘n uur in ‘n kluis toegesluit is.

Die egpaar was saam met ‘n man wat hul TV kom herstel het op 11 Augustus om 19:00 by die huis toe twee rowers by die agterdeur ingeloop het.

Hulle het wapens, kontant, ou munte, messe en juwele gesteel en die bejaarde se twee ringe van sy vinger gestroop. Hulle het hom hierna in die kluis gedwing en toegesluit. Hulle het ook toerusting van die TV-werker gebuit.

Die bejaarde (wie se kopwond baie gebloei het) is na Life Springs Parkland Hospitaal geneem, maar is teen die naweek ontslaan.

Die twee rowers het deurgaans kalm in Engels met die drie slagoffers, maar Zulu met mekaar gepraat.

Volgens Adjudant Offisier Tommy Tomlinson van Dunnottar Polisiestasie het die rowers vermoedelik in ‘n wagtende voertuig gevlug. Enigiemand met inligting oor die voorval, kan die polisie by 011 737 9638 skakel.


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