Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Black Terrorists Are Waiting For White Victims(YOU & YOUR FAMILY) at The Intersections(specially semaphore intersections)....Boy (4) Hit in The Head By Rock Flung Through Car Window.....


Boy (4) hit on head by rock flung through car window

Dad warns other motorists to be vigilant at this busy intersection

A four-year-old boy is in hospital after he was hit on the head by a rock flung through his father’s car’s window in what seemed to have been an attempted hijacking or smash and grab last night.

Daniel Fleetwood has seven stitches in the back of his head and pieces of glass will be removed today.

A brain scan was done last night and luckily the boy did not suffer any brain damage.

Daniel’s mother, Jacqueline, was also slightly injured in the surprise attack by the three men on the family’s car at the intersection of Great North and Dann roads behind Avion Park.

Dad Nolan, who wants to warn motorists, said he and his family – Jacqueline, Daniel, Carmen (14) and Chanelle (15) – were on their way to their Birch Acres home from his parent’s house in Pomona when the attack occurred at 7.45pm. It was Nolan’s mother’s birthday.

Nolan said they were waiting at the red traffic light with another car in front of them. He suddenly saw a man approaching their double-cab from behind. The next thing he knew, a man flung a rock in a plastic bag through the front passenger window, hitting both his son and wife on the front seat.
A second man tried to break the window on the driver’s side in the same way but did not succeed. All the vehicle’s windows were fitted with a smash and grab paint protection film.

The third man tried to climb onto the back of the bakkie.

From there things happened very fast, Nolan said. His car was in first gear but he could not escape forward because of the car in front of him. Without hesitation he drove over the island to get his family to safety and called for help.

A security company and CPF members quickly responded. Nolan then rushed his child to Arwyp Medical Centre.

Some of the bags with stones used were found on the scene. The attackers fled into Avion Park’s grounds.

Nolan said his one daughter recognised one of the attackers as a regular beggar at the busy intersection. As far as he knows no one has been arrested in connection with the incident.


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