Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Black Terror Attack on White Churchgoers at a Local Old Age Home in Luipaardsvlei, Krugersdorp....

One of Luipaardsvlei Old Age Home's gate security members, Gawie de Klerk, said extra eyes will be deployed at the premises on Sundays.


Churchgoers narrowly escape hijacking

“I want your handbag, I am going to shoot you,” a man said before his victim did something unexpected.

Three churchgoers were left traumatised after they narrowly escaped a hijacking attempt at a local old age home.

The Reformed Church of Witpoortjie recently made the Luipaardsvlei Old Age Home their new home where members of the congregation meet in the dining hall for their Sunday service.

When Theuns Schoeman, his wife Estelle and a friend, Christine Williams made their way to their vehicles parked in Michell Dames Street after the service on 14 August at about 10am, they came across three unknown men.

At his vehicle he was confronted by a man armed with what looked like a 9mm gun.

“At first I did not think much of the person until I noticed the gun in his hand,” Schoeman explained.

He also notice that the gun was not loaded.

“Give me your stuff,” demanded the man holding the gun.

Suddenly Schoeman heard his wife and the friend shouting hysterically and saw another two armed men approaching.

The one holding the gun then grabbed his cellphone from him and demanded his car keys.

>>>“I want your handbag, I am going to shoot you,” he said to Schoeman’s wife, but she instinctively threw her handbag over the wall and ran onto the old age home’s premises.<<<

Her friend, who was in her vehicle already, was pulled from it and pushed onto the sidewalk. She got up and took the car keys from the ignition, and followed Estelle’s example by throwing the keys over the wall before also running onto the premises.

Meanwhile Schoeman reached for his keys and as he was about to throw it away, the suspect allegedly got a fright and fled on foot, with his two accomplices following in his tracks.

The local Sector 9 Community Policing Forum and police were alerted and they responded.

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the Sector 9 patrollers for their quick response and to the support from the residents of the home who took care of us,” the three victims said.


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