Monday, August 15, 2016

Black Criminals Start Their Terrorist Careers in South Africa Very Very Early !!! A HIGH School Teacher Was Nearly Set Alight By His Own Pupils...Five Classrooms And Two Offices in The Administration Block Were Burned at The School....



A HIGH school teacher was nearly set alight by his own pupils during a violent protest over a shortage of teachers last Thursday.

The teacher, who works at Mhlanganisweni Technical and Commercial High School in Lujecweni Village, near Port St John’s, in the Eastern Cape, was accused of being too close to the principal.

He was rescued by parents who arrived just as a mob of pupils were about to burn him alive.

Five classrooms and two offices in the administration block were burned at the school, which has since closed its gates.

Resident Nolenti Zamuxolo said she was disturbed by the children’s behaviour.

“It was not easy for us to build this school for them. I do not understand why they destroyed property that is meant to help them,” said Nolenti.

Thobela Tshicila, president of the school’s student representative council, said: “We do not have enough teachers for geography and physical and life sciences. We asked the principal for more teachers, but we didn’t get them.

“As for the burning of the school, it was not planned. Things got out of hand and it was impossible to control the angry mob of students.”

School principal Thanduxolo Mntwini said: “I have written many times to the education department to request more teachers.

“There will be a big meeting on Tuesday with pupils, parents, Sadtu and the local chief.”


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