Monday, August 1, 2016

52 Years Old White Female Farmer Who Was Life Threatened by Black Terrorists During Armed Robbery With a knife, Have Managed to Save Her Life by Driving Away With Her Car After She Luckily Escaped !!!

Modified and translated by Bastian Auser article:

Ventersdorp - A suspected black terrorist(aka "robber") was arrested over the weekend after attack on a woman at her farm near Ventersdorp in North West.... 

Police spokesman, Pelonomi Makau said that the two of the 52-year-old woman's farm workers, have appeared on her farm on Friday about 18:00 hours to report how sheep were recovered...

According Makau the victim opened the door and one of the two men grabbed and and forced her into the house. They life threatened her and demanded the money.

Makau said that the two terrorists have later had an argument, and one of the two have ended with knife in his chest.....The injured terrorist have afterwards crawled in the house, while his buddy continued with detention of farm woman until Saturday's morning hours....

Two terrorists have spent hours searching her home and were upset...have life threatened her with a knife. She managed to run away when the terrorist was at the toilet. She drove off with her car, but the terrorist have followed her in one of her other cars.

Makau said that the car in which the terrorist have chased her, eventually ran out of fuel and was found about 20km away from the place of the incident....The brave victim drove to the nearest police station in the town, and have afterwards returned to her farm with police. The injured robber was found in the house and was arrested. He faces a charge of robbery.

An undisclosed amount of money was stolen.

Makau ask anyone with information to contact their nearest police station.


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