Thursday, July 7, 2016



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After lying left and right, traitors have admitted to have an audio recording of interrogation by mistake !!! We want one released and this entirely !!! Don't forget traitors !!! The interrogation was 23 minutes long !!!

I have survived dangerous skype attack conducted against me by black South African government !!! Attack was directed against me by two traitors whose names are THEUNIS CLOETE AND JACO STEYN(both are of Boervolk radio) on behalf of black South African government !!! JOHANN JACOBS joined them latter in attack against me as well !!! People such as Karin Smith of Radio Free South Africa, Natasha Visagie, and Sinead McCarthy of are also exposed !!!

They have attempted to obtain from me verbal self an admission/confession how I didn't know what I was doing when recording the latest video titled as "Marching Against the Genocide of Whites in South Africa " !!! OR OR

Their interrogation procedure(setup) for which they were preparing for at least eight hours(Theunis Cloete first demanded the telephone from me at 12:37am and have sent me a request for skype at 8:28pm), have had placed me at first in situation to 
listen to what they have explained to me was a concern or how my video is not authentic(that my video data contradicts those of reality - as an example of their claim, they have mentioned lady with open belly on my video and how some old video was released two years ago about guy who was stoned to death, but that his death was not related to reality in South Africa since movie was shot in Pakistan or elsewhere)... their point was that videos like this as well as unauthentic photos do more harm than good to white cause in South Africa....situations were totally unrelated to my video, but I continued to listen as the two hastily continued their interrogation procedure...interrogation was directed in a such a way that they were trying to obtain as many as possible "yes" answers or "I didn't know" answers from me...and boy, they were in hurry to obtain if not video recorded answers.... then the two proceeded I cite, "first of all, tell us where have you gotten all that information about this video"(the two assumed/aimed at stars or how I would  suggest them some government involvement in this project, but were wrong after my explaining that I spend 4 hours a day and 7 days a week on project white genocide in South Africa).... I have mentioned them my page and they were hurt by my answer, and would quickly proceed without allowing me to complete what I was about to say(answer was just not convenient for their audience)... the conversation went on like this and the two were desperately trying to obtain some sort of recognition from me that I was wrong about it all....they verbally challenged on issue if I am aware of the damages that video like this causes(they even mentioned how foreign governments are watching from up very closely what is going on in South Africa and video like this causes a lots of damage)..... on what I have finally answered the to the two that are both working for ANC... at this point I have ended what was more than obvious an interrogation !!!

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