Monday, July 25, 2016

White Grandmother Grabs Knife From Black Terrorist Before He Could Stab Her.....

Pinetown grandmother grabs knife from attacker

An elderly couple were the target of two armed men in Pinetown.

A PINETOWN couple were lucky to escape a home invasion uninjured.

Blue Security’s operations manager, Brian Jackson, said two armed men first targeted the couple’s gardener at the Plymouth Road home at about 2.30pm last Thursday, before they made their way into the house.

“They held up the gardener at gunpoint and robbed him of his cellphone and cash. One of the men, armed with a bush knife, then went to the house where he accosted the resident, who was on his way out to fetch his grandchild from school,” said Jackson.

The knife-wielding robber pushed the man back into the house and attempted to stab the resident’s wife with the bush knife. She grabbed the weapon from him before she was stabbed.

“The robber, grabbed the resident’s cellphone and driver’s licence and fled the scene,” continued Jackson.

Jackson advised residents to always be vigilant when arriving home and leaving as criminals sometimes stake out their victims before striking.

“If you notice anyone loitering near your home or a suspicious unknown vehicle parked nearby, report this to the police, your security company and your neighbourhood watch if you have an active group in your area,” he concluded.


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