Monday, July 25, 2016

White Fitness Model Susanne Keil, Murdered By Black Terrorists on This Sunday Night !!!

Black "Dindu Nuffin" terrorists strike again and leave another dead corpse of the white individual behind !!!


Fitness model Susanne Keil shot dead by robbers

Keil’s friend Ziad Nour told TMG Digital on Monday that Keil was shot dead in the home invasion.

“It was at around 8pm. She was sitting in the lounge watching TV with her friend. Between four to five guys broke the sliding door and got into the house.

“She started screaming and shouting at them. They shot her.”

Nour said Keil’s friend ran upstairs and the robbers followed him and tied him up.

The robbers took iPads and some jewellery‚ Nour said.

“This is a senseless killing. We hope they will find the people.”

Nour described Keil as “one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met”.

“She was always happy with the most smallest things. Her death is a loss to our society.

“She helped a lot of people to get healthy.”

Keil’s brother Robert declined to comment.


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