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Where You and Yours Enter Alive and Exit in a Body Bags !!! Deadly and Sadistic South African Hospitals for White Minority in All New South Africa !!! When Either You or Your Hope Dies !!!

This black South African regime's state operated hospitals where our white people die, are a heart prepare to cry a bit....

July the 17th, 2016....Cape Town: Nicolette and Enrico Charles's newborn first baby(Connor) finally dies. The machines were now turned off in the state owned Helderberg's hospital for the baby where one was transfered from another by state owned Somerset West's hospital due to severe brain damage that he endured there within three days upon his was just too much for tiny Connor....

"We were just waiting for doctors to call our baby Connor as dead," says Nicolette Charles (32) with the tears streaming down her cheeks. She and Enrico (31) were on Monday still waiting for news from the Tygerberg Hospital, where Connor was in the intensive care unit fighting for his life. On Wednesday, however, Nicolette already packed Connor's blue clothing in their house at Eerste River because she knew it was all over.....When Connor was born, he was "alive and well", but did suffered a severe brain damage in the state owned Somerset West's hospital just three days after his birth...The two believe that black nurses have "oversized connection" to his head when he received phototherapy for jaundice(yellow discoloration in a newborn baby's skin and eyes). Connor stifled.

According to Enrico, there are only two incubators in the hospital. There was already baby in one of them in even worse condition that Connor...."They have practiced(created) a temporary incubator out of a baby trolley..and put our Connor in it"...A nurse then placed a light therein and made the connection to protect Connor's eyes. Nicolette said a nurse told her not to disturb the baby - so that he "can become healthier." Nicolette has decided to wait for about 25 minutes.

Connor was "black and blue".

"I called the doctors. It took about 15 minutes for them to finally give him two injections. "

Connor was stabilized and taken by ambulance to Tygerberg Hospital where he was attached to a life support machine as you already know. An MRI scan on Monday confirmed that Connor has cerebral palsy. Wednesday machines are turned off.

"The doctors have given Connor a few days, perhaps a week - to die. He did not swallow and would in case of survival, definitely be spastic, " said Enrico in his just gets sadder and sadder from here and on folks....

Just two weeks earlier, another white baby was murdered. Ethan was born at 1am on June 21 at Welkom's Bongani Hospital weighing 750g. He was just 26 weeks and five days old when born. Ethan's death was horrific. His mom Cindy was allowed to hold him for only 15 minutes before she was told he would not make it and he was taken from her arms. It is alleged there was no doctor present when Cindy gave birth. A black nurse found Ethan alive six hours later, shortly after 7am. She covered him in nappies and rushed him to the emergency room. He died last week on Sunday, two weeks after he was born. Ethan's father Ben Barnard wants justice for his son who, he claims, was left to die. 

"My little boy was a fighter. He wanted to live, but they killed him," Barnard said. "You go there to die," a bitter Cindy told City Press this week. This was the second time that this very couple had lost a baby in the same hospital. Their first baby died because of complications during pregnancy. He was born at 38 weeks in 2013. One tragedy after another !!! This is hospital where five babies died in October within a month.

The Barnards of Welcome is furious.

"The hospital is a butchery," says Cindy at the Welkom's Bongani Hospital, where their first child was stillborn in 2013(Stillbirth is when a baby dies in the womb after 20 weeks of pregnancy).

"I promised myself and to my wife that I will never again allow her to give a birth in a hospital ran by state" said Cindy's husband Ben Barnard... an electrician by profession.

The black nurse told Barnard I cite, " your son is dead, so I took him with me". 

I was forced to sign later a written permission for him to be cremated in a crematorium, " says Cindy.

But he was not dead.

About six hours latter, another nurse have found Ethan alive in the cold rinse room.....

"We thought that our son was dead, but nurse fetched us from  the hospital's cafeteria and said that we should come to see our son alive," says Ben.

When the couple came to the intensive care unit for newborns, Ethan was in a baby crib - wrapped in linen with a air tube in his nose. "He was not even in a incubator," says Ben.

"Our boy refused to die".

Ethan died after he survived jaundice due to anemia that have developed.

"It was on the Sunday morning. We suspected that he suffered brain damage because his brain did not get enough oxygen, " Cindy stated.

On his death certificate the cause of death is listed as "Early birth."

The Barnards have brought against the hospital a manslaughter  charge !!!

Babies born before 26 weeks are referred to as miscarriages and considered medical waste and are disposed of in an incinerator, with organs and amputated limbs.

Despite the legislation, which shows Ethan could not be disposed of as medical waste, his mother was given a medical waste consent form to sign.

The police in Welkom have confirmed the ongoing investigation of the complaint.

The black Free State health spokesman, Mondli Mvambi, have stated(at no surprise to me) that the staff who were present when Ethan was born were all on leave now, making it difficult to establish the exact details of the incident !!! THIS IS HOW IT IS DONE DOWN IN SOUTH AFRICA FOLKS !!!

These two angry and sad white families have now become just the part of damning statistics of the South African health system in which infant's mortality continues to rise.

More than 22,000 babies were either killed at birth or die each year within seven days in South African hospitals, according to the latest report from Statistics of South Africa(numbers extends to 2013).


It is more than 60 babies a day and a sharp increase since 1997, when 13,000 deaths were recorded !!! This is what end of the white rule(in 1994) have brought to South Africa folks....

More than 80 000 babies died between January 2012 and December 2013 in public state hospitals.

In state ran district hospitals, 12% of the babes that weight less than 1 kg die within within the first few days.


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Translated, heavily edited, and additionally added(researched) text to this article was done by Bastian Auser...

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