Saturday, July 16, 2016

Update: 80 Years Old White Farmer Who Was Beaten to Death in His Own Home By Two Black Terrorists is Now Buried....He Was Also Known About Building Schools....

“Simon was truly great. I lived at the township until three years ago.  Almost 30 years ago, there were no schools and no clinics in the area. Simon built schools that my children attended. He left that behind and he will always be remembered for the good that he di

An emotional memorial service was held today at the Umhlali Methodist church for the late Simon Shepherd.

Shepherd was brutally beaten on June 19 by two men who forcefully entered his home on his farm in Upper Tongaat.

He was put into an induced coma and a ventilator last week after his condition deteriorated and he died on Tuesday night, July 12.

More than a hundred people gathered for today to share their last memories of a man who many described as “quiet and humble”.

Jabu Ngubenu who used to live in the township near Misty Ridge said with tears  in her eyes that she could not believe that such a terrible thing had happened to such a wonderful man.

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