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After screwing up white South African minority entiery(sealing the faith of over 90.000 whites who were slaughtered in most horrific ways while million of them are basically fighting the last fight with hope = homeless squatter campers in just past 23 years), two headed snake bites again infront of the whole international community.... I cite F. W. de Klerk, "South Africans living in ‘white bubbles" !!!

Man who have formally released Nelson Mandela(the main terrorist of African National Congress in 1990) and have continued secret negotiations with blacks to transfer all powers to them behind white people's backs, have attacked again !!!


THE SCAM(vendetta) AGAINST WHITE SOUTH AFRICAN PEOPLE, HOWEVER, HAS A LONG LONG LONG HISTORY AND DATES ALL THE WAY BACK TO 1982 !!!  That is when Mandela was transferred from Robben Island to Pollsmoor Prison. And this is when first so called "talks about talks and bullshit walks" have started to take place !!! All behind people's backs....

Dr Lukas Daniel 'Niël' Barnard (born 1949) who was a  former head of South Africa's National Intelligence Service was the man behind "talks about talks and bullshit walks" !!! Bernard didn't stopped at talks behind white people's backs...ohhh, no... he had different plans.... he have instead begun to commence the elevation of the process from a secret engagement with terrorists to a more public engagement(he was a representative for black terrorists in another words - a real cuck !!!). I probably don't have to explain to you that previously mentioned "more public engagement" meant simply to engage media and other sectors into psychological weakening of the white moral among South African whites.

the National Intelligence Service withdrew from center stage in the process, and have moved to a new phase of operational support work. This new phase was designed to test public opinion about a negotiated solution(it was time to see just what impact did media brainwashing had on whites over time...the fundaments for new era were layed).

Lesson number one: never discuss what shouldn't be discussed(discuss means to negotiate) !!! Lesson number two: Never ever negotiate your freedom !!! Lesson number three: Specially do not negotiate(discuss) with terrorists !!!

According to the liberal wikipedia alone, in November of 1985, Minister Kobie Coetsee(Bostha was the president) met Mandela in the hospital where Mandela was being treated for prostate surgery !!! Nobody else, however, knew anything about this meetings !!!

Whole vendetta have had stretched at the time, anywhere from Germany and all the way to the rest of the world... world where by communists led libetards, have begun to support at large so called "civil rights"  movements !!! But this was never the case in South Africa....South Africa was in fact the last bastion of white pride despite everything you have learned so far !!! While general opinion of whites on the situation was somewhat distorted, white people of South Africa didn't bent to pressure from media !!!

Some white Afrikaners, however, did bent and they were prominent(influential) is why they were prominent on the first does not waste time on you, unless you are promising part of the system... the circle of National Intelligence Service's  betrayal was just getting bigger and bigger and it was supported by the so called "Institute for a Democratic Alternative for South Africa" !!!

In 1989, however,  the bubble man became President of South Africa because it was time for Botha to step down(his job against whites was completed) !!! 

De Klerk was vicious like no one before him to play some more behind white people's backs !!! His National Party SOMEHOW "won" the most bitterly contested election in decades, pledging to negotiate an end to the very apartheid system that it had established !!! And this took place in late 1989 !!! HOW DID NATIONAL PARTY WON AGAINST WHITES WITH SUCH OPEN AGENDA WILL BE KNOWN ONE DAY SOON BECAUSE WE DO KNOW AT THIS POINT AND TIME WHAT NATIONAL POLES REPRESENT THROUGHOUT THE WORLD AND WHAT STATE ELECTIONS ARE !!! A FRAUD !!! Not only in South Africa, but instead throughout the world !!!

The pressure on white moral of South African whites just mounted under bubble man !!! Big time too !!!

On February 1990, de Klerk just went ahead and have openly announced the unbanning of the black terrorist organization known as African National Congress (ANC) !!! This notorious organization was branded as a terrorist organization even by American standards !!! The ANC's leader Nelson Mandela was also released on that occasion by the bubble man !!!

Realizing the historical opportunity and to psychologically calm white public, the terrorist ANC and its military wing Umkhonto have agreed with bubble man into suspension of the terrorism presented now to the white public as the end of the "armed struggle" !!! This took place on 6 August 1990 !!! 

The so called "National Peace Accord" of 14 September 1991 was just another FORMAL(it was all about formal now) step toward what became at this stage the formal >>beginning<< of the end for white South Africans(from secret to formal, you were systematically eaten by own governments).....It was signed by self elected representatives and it did prepared the way for the CODESA negotiations(your bitter end). Beginning of the formality meant the end of the secret "negotiations" behind white people's backs...and from here on, betrayal against whites took to a third gear(soon to be first blacks elections in 1994, but that too had to be prior to event itself, psychologically as erosive for whites as possible - adjusted to the mind of the average white individual therefore) !!!

On 20 December 1991, so called CODESA I negotiations were held...the psychological beginning of the white genocide wrapped into fancy "Convention for a Democratic South Africa" phrase even that it was nothing democratic about it from whites' stand of point !!! South African Conservative Party which opposed the negotiations have boycotted the Convention for a Democratic South Africa (CODESA) !!!

Panic  settled in hearts of whites.....The consequences were that governing National Party(Bubble man's party) had lost three by-elections in early 1992 to Conservative Party since they have announced openly the attempted negotiations(CODESA) to end apartheid two years earlier !!! 

When the National Party(bubble's party) was defeated in the Potchefstroom by-election on 19 February, after calling it a test vote, its credibility was placed in doubt....but "doubt" was quickly dispersed by a vicious bubble man who acted against the will of his own white South African people !!! Realizing the  seriousness of the situation or the still strong moral of white South African people, De Klerk(the bubble man) announced(calmed) that a "whites only" referendum would be held on the issue of reforms and negotiation(March 1992). The result according to the South African government was this time a landslide victory for the "yes" side, with over 68% of the voters voting for a continuation of the reforms and negotiations !!! AS I HAVE STATED PREVIOUSLY, VERY SOON WE WILL KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TOOK PLACE IN REALITY !!!

The rest doesn't matter from this point on because it was just a matter of "formality"(open betrayal) !!! Our white people didn't have any control from this point and on whatsoever....THIS "YES" LANDSLIDE "VICTORY" FOR BLACKS GIVEN TO BLACKS BY BUBBLE MAN WAS IT !!!

CODESA II negotiations practically never took place because there was no need for them any longer !!! Blacks got from bubble man what they wanted and that was it !!! In June 1992, the Boipatong massacre took place, with 45 residents of Boipatong killed by mainly-Zulu hostel dwellers. Mandela accused cuck De Klerk's government of complicity in the attack and withdrew the ANC from the further negotiations, leading to the end of CODESA II

Whites(the right-wing Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging or AWB) who have had enough of "talks about talks and bullshit walks" behind their backs, have on June of 1993, stormed the World Trade Centre in Kempton Park, breaking through the glass front of the building with an armored car and briefly taking over the negotiations chamber....desperately crying to world for help, but by libetards ruled world was blind to what was happening and no one is blinder than the one who doesn't want to see !!!

The last desperate white stand against future black regime took place on March 12 of 1994 during Bophuthatswana conflict after de Klerk restored South African citizenship to Bophuthatswana residents on January 1, 1994 !!! NOT ONLY COULD DE KLERK PRONOUNCE WEST CAPE PROVINCE AS AN INDEPENDENT AFRIKANER(what would give whites a chance) STATE WHAT WOULD HAVE AS A RESULT SPARED LIVES OF OVER 90.000 WHITE SOUTH AFRICAN PEOPLE,  BUT HE WENT FURTHER TO TAKE AWAY EVERY SINGLE OPTION FROM THEM AS YOU SEE....De Klerk sure did sealed the faith of whites in every possible way !!! AWB Colonel Alwyn Wolfaardt, AWB General Nicolaas Fourie and Veldkornet (Field Cornet) Jacobus Stephanus Uys were driving a blue Mercedes at the end of convoy of AWB vehicles on what their vehicle was shredded with bullets fired by black Bob soldiers !!! White passengers of blue Mercedes were wounded severely....Nicolaas Fourie, in the neck, Alwyn Wolfaardt, in the arm and the remaining passenger, Jacobus Uys, in the leg. One of the black policeman tried to even fire on nearby white journalists but his rifle jammed. Wolfaardt pleaded for the lives of his two injured fellows. In response, the three wounded white men were killed like animals on the spot at point blank !!! The back assassination was captured by the nearby journalists and broadcasted worldwide.

"Elections" were held in South Africa on 27 April 1994 and that obviously resulted in blacks outnumbering white minority. Prior terrorist Nelson Mandela have now became a president, with De Klerk(bubble man) and Thabo Mbeki as deputies.....



Thank you for being with me...written by Bastian Auser

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  1. Bubble man is nothing but a terrorist of his own people! He needs a firing squad urgently!!