Friday, July 22, 2016

Police's Chase After the Black Terrorists Have Sealed His Life While on His Way To Get Son From The School !!!

In ruthless South Africa where 55 people are murdered per day, our white minority is a cake for rampant black crime !!! Yes, this is bloody Johannesburg !!! Once prosperous city, have become violent crime capital of the world in this all new South  Africa !!! As I have stated, this is the place where you never know how and when your last seconds will play !!! My sincere condolences to this lady who lost her precious husband after being together for 25 years.....


JOHANNESBURG – The wife of a Johannesburg man who died after being knocked off his motorbike during a shootout in Sandton has told Eyewitness News she’s in a state of numb disbelief.

Stephen Brent was en route to fetch his son from school yesterday, when he was knocked off his during a high speed car chase between gunmen and police.

One suspect was also killed, and two other people were injured, when the gunmen opened fire on police on the corner of William Nicol Drive and Republic Road.

Brent was airlifted to Milpark hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries.

Annie and Stephen got married 25 years ago.

She says she was on her way to the gym when paramedics phoned her to relay the news that Stephan had been involved in an accident.

“[They said] that Stephen was critical but stable, and that he was [being transported] to Milpark Hospital and that I should get straight to the hospital.”

Annie says she’s still trying to make sense of it all.

“All I kept thinking of is I could just imagine him sitting there casually with a smile on his face, knowing that he was going to be picking his son up from school.”

It's understood the suspect's vehicle collided with another car yesterday and overturned, resulting in a crash involving two other vehicles and Brent’s motor bike.


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