Saturday, July 16, 2016

"You(Whites) Must Be Bushed Alive And Skinned And Your Off Springs Used As Garden Fertilizer"'s Black Man is Back At His Government Job !!! Hurray !!!

‘Kill Whites Like Jews’ Man Is Now Back At His Government Job In South Africa

Velaphi Khumalo is the disgrace of a human being who made some extremely racist remarks on social media at a similar time to the disgraceful comments made by Penny Sparrow.

Reports have come out stating that Velaphi Khumalo has now returned to his government job even though he has been charged with hate speech.

This is is the man who took to Facebook to call for the ‘cleansing’ of white people from South Africa. To top it all off, he was suspended from his government job with full pay.


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  1. and you must pray we dont get you after dark!